Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Why I Stop Blogging

Hello everyone! It's been about 1 month + since i last blog. I apologise for that because i thought i could juggle between studying and blogging but apparently i can't. A lot of things happened from the past month and it really drain me physically and mentally. A lot of things have been in my mind recently and i feel so lost to be honest. Anyway, i have a lot of things to blog about but so little time! Let's update about my life from the past month. As expected, week 3 onward it was hell weeks. And there are more to come after my term break end. Moving on to last week, it was my term tests week and oh my god. I have never study like that in my whole entire life like that because i thought i was going to die. My head was heavy, i felt giddy and it was just horrible. I even question myself why i study so damn hard, like seriously for what? My results still the same anyway. To be honest, i don't even know what i want anymore and my vision are just blur. I have absolutely no motivation to study whatsoever it's crazy. But, home girl pull through it. No worry. Now i'm having term breaks. I tried to relax and do my stuffs as much as possible but of course homegirl have burden projects that have to be done. It's okay. I can do it. Hopefully....

So this is the reason of me not blogging. I know it's the same old excuse but seriously though. School eat up more than half of my life. I know i shouldn't be complaining about studying because i know some people out there don't even have the opportunity to attend school once. But really.......I don't like their ways of teaching. I hate memorising stuffs and i feel like i will not even use it in the future. And certain subject no matter how i memorise and people try to explain to me, i will never ever understand because it did not make sense to me. 

You know, poly teach me a lot about people instead. So freaking fake. You have no idea if people truly want to be your friend or nah. I guess when i step into the working industry, it will be worse. If you are smart, everyone in the world want to be with you because of the benefits. If you are dumb, they can't wait to get rid of you because you are just a burden piece of shit. I have been in both ways and both suck so much i don't even know what to do. Okay enough of me updating my life and ranting.

I will see you guys soon. 

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