Thursday, July 14, 2016

Family Time / Dad Birthday

On 4th June 2016, Saturday, i went out with my family to celebrate dad birthday :D. As per normal, we went to Astons to celebrate birthday :).

After eating, we went to walk around the mall to try and find brother pant for the NV arts night. 
Surprisingly, i found 1 pant i like from Bossini. 
It was actually quite rare for me to like Bossini clothes but they have this new arrival section where they sell summery and bohemian outfit which was so pretty.

The pant though!!!!!! I like it so much. It was super comfortable however it was $49! 
I will never buy pant that exceed well....$30? 
Anyway, another reason i didn't purchase was because even though i wore the size small, it was still loose on me and small is their smallest size...

Moving on~. After we got back home, we eat cake!!!
As you guys may know i love my chocolate origin but oh my god, this cake is my new favourite!
This was from Cat and The Fiddle, durian cake!!!
The cake was so soft and fluffy!

Here is my dad!!!! 

That's all for this blog post!
Thanks for reading :D 

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