Saturday, August 20, 2016

Project / Genki Sushi Again!

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the little space of mine. I just want to warn you guys that all my blog post will be really outdated because i have not been blogging that much for the past months. So, all of them will be like a throwback. I will state the date anyway, so you guys won't be confused by it. 

On 22 June 2016, Wednesday, I have another project meet up and it was really productive to an extent that i was tired and i can feel that my head going to explode. Basically the story was like this. We were doing our group project report based on our own experiments. results was a little different because there were 2 strands of DNA in my DNA gel and we were wondering why the hell there were 2 strands on it because we need to explain on the report and how we can improve in our experiment. Moreover, others people result was only 1 strand and that was the correct one because our teacher did one of the well and the result same as the others except mine. So, we researched on it and it took us so long to realised that the reason of having 2 strands is because i vortex for too long. It was funny because this immediately become an inside joke and we laughed so hard about it. Flashback to that day when i was doing my experiment, i thought i wasn't vortexing enough and went back to vortex the second times. Now whenever we are doing our experiment, we will be like "eh, don't vortex too much/long ah" and then we will laughed about it. 

Anyway, before going home, i took some photos. 

On 23 June 2016, i went out with ZiYun and LingLi to eat lunch with them and i ate Genki Sushi again. I know.....It was so bad because it was really expensive for me but it was so good though. No regret! Good catch up sessions too! :D

So that's all for this post!
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