Saturday, August 27, 2016

Second Week of July (E-learning Week)

Hello everyone. I did a post about my first week of school (diary style) before which you can read it HERE. So, i decided to do another one!

On 4 July 2016, Monday
It was e-learning day.....Or i should say week but i still went back to school that day to do projects. Chills guys. By the time you reading this, i have no projects anymore because last week was submission week and everyone have already pass up their "baby". Anyway, back to story. I and my group mates doing one of the project and we stay in school until so damn late. But it was fun though because we played more games than doing what we should be doing.....*guilty face*. The games were so fun!! We played some mind-blowing game and i love those kind of games because i love to figure out their tricks and got my brain working and thinking. We played "black magic", "ABC", "star" etc. I remembered that i laughed a lot that day which was great because i remember i was feeling a bit out of it. Then, on the way home, i saw 2 heartwarming scene. The first one was on the bus and an auntie actually gave up seat to allow another auntie and her grand daughter to sit. The second one was an old man (his clothes is very dirty but hey after what happen, i learnt not to judge) , helping one elderly to carry stuffs up the bus. He might not be rich and educated (who knows maybe he is rich and educated) but i can tell he have a nice heart. So guys....don't judge other people. 

On 5 July 2016, Tuesday
I stayed at home the entire day. However, i woke up at 8:45am because i have to do an online quizzes that start at 9am. Did i even mention that he last minutes told us there was a quiz to do? Panic mode on when i realise i can't login in but you know, all work out fine. Then later,  I almost have a panic attack when teacher say that the system only show 5 students did the quizzes. In the end, it was his bad for not checking properly. *major roll eyes until to hawaii*. 

On 6 July 2016, Wednesday
I actually wrote own a list of things i need to do and check them off. To be honest, i really hate Whatsapp. I am so scared to receive any messages and calls. I have phobia now hahahahah.... The reason being is because there's no good news. It's always projects and homework and more projects. Moreover, i am such a homebody that i literally don't want to step out of the house. I just want to stay at home all day everyday and also don't want to meet anyone. Oh my god guys....this is what school did to me. 

On 7 July 2016, Thursday
I finally blogged. By the time you read this, you probably already seen it. If you didn't, you can read it HERE. Also, i work out which was awesome because it's been a while. Then i showered and put on hair and sheet mask. I feel like my life have been put together. :D Moving on~ there was a car accident near my house yesterday. I didn't witness the accident because i stayed at home the whole day but my dad did when he was on the way back home. So there was this taxi, apparently he hit and run leaving the poor motorcyclist on the road bleeding. I am actually proud of my dad because he went and help. This is one of the reason why i love my dad because he is such a kind soul. Anyway, my dad help him and also move his motorcycle off the road. Luckily, there were people there who witness the whole thing and take note of the taxi number plates. Hopefully, he will be caught soon. I know people tend to be panicking when they hit someone but hit and run is wrong so.....i hope he will learnt his lesson and i pray to that motorcyclist... Hopefully he will be fine. Anyway... i watch a show yesterday and there was this host said something like this. 我知道自己长得不帅, 不过我还是要做好榜样让女儿知道她需要找像我这样的男朋友。(I know i'm not handsome but i still have to be a good role model and show it to my daughter that she have to find a boyfriend just like me) And I'm like....this is so true! If i ever have a boyfriend i want it to be just like my dad because he's awesome and i love him! 

On 8 July 2016, Friday
(It will be in another blog post because it was a long and exciting one!)

That's all for this blog post! See you soon!

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