Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Lego Brick Exhibition

Hello people! I just realised i should have published this earlier, but i didn't so i apologise for that! On 15 July 2016, Friday, I remembered i have no school that day, but i still went to school for another project meeting. We went to GCV and realised that they have a Lego Brick exhibition so we decided to go in and take a look. Then later on i found out on the TP website that it was "The Brick Collective: Tiong Bahru Edition". 

I was so impressed by it because i know how hard it is to build all this small lego into a figure. Moreover, everything you see is made up of lego! Even the table!!!
 My brother loves doing this kind of lego and i absolutely have no idea how to build it. Like this is not my thing. I can't even understand the lego instruction manual let alone building it. 

I just want to say they did a great job and i actually really love it. 
Somehow it brought back a lot of memories when i was still living at my old house. I guess the only thing that's missing was probably the wet market. 

Question: Do you guys love to build lego? 
Because i personally can't build anything.

That's all for this post. Bye!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Birthday / Burger Up / Books

Hello people. I'm back once again.


So i forgot to insert some photos on my birthday post which you can read HERE which is 19 things i learnt by the age of 19. My family and i did celebrate and as usual we went to eat at Astons.

Burger Up

On 6 August 2016, Saturday. I met up with Sandra for a little while to do one of our lab report. I'm so glad we got full mark on that report but also thanks to Xin Yi for pointing out our mistakes on the graph. Before we do our lab report, we actually went to try Burger Up for the very first time. I have always want to try Burger Up because it was a local shop and i was blown away by it. It was expensive than McDonald but the quality is good. I have to admit i love the burger from Burger Up more than McDonald.
On 18 August 2016, Thursday. I met up with Li Wen for a short while because i was busy that day. Anyway, i bought Burger Up for my mum and brother to try and they love it. 


On 25 August 2016, Thursday. I met up with a seller to buy a book that i have always wanted to read ever since a youtuber talk about it. That book was The life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck by Sarah Knight. 

On 30 August 2016, Tuesday. I bought another book........Can you tell that i love to read? Hahahaha :D. But this time, my sister actually help me to meet up with the seller because it was near my exam period so i don't want to go out....(Another reason to avoid going out). This time, i bought #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso. Also, i heard a lot of youtuber talking about this book so i bought it. 

Most probably i will blogged about the books i read this school holiday in another blog post. So stay tuned.

That's all for this blog post. Bye!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

5 Things I Hate As A Kid But Love It Now

Hello people! I was inspired to write this when my dad fetch me to school one day. So i was like why not share with you guys my thoughts! So here is the things i hate as a kid but love it now.

1) Coffee
As a kid, i used to drink my dad coffee because i was wondering what's so nice about it that he drink it almost everyday. Moreover, it smell really nice so i tried it as a kid and hate it. I love coffee now. Especially when coffee mix with chocolate, i think they are the perfect match! However, i self-declared myself allergy to caffeine. I discovered that whenever i drink something that contains caffeine. The next thing i know is that i feel nausea and have stomachache. This is such a tragic thing for me because coffee smell and taste so nice. Fun fact, coffee does not wake me up. I can still fall asleep even if i have coffee that day.

2) Sleep/Nap
As a kid, i really hate to sleep early or have a nap. I have no idea why. Probably thinking that sleeping is boring or because i was so carefree back then, i have lots of energy install in me. But now, i appreciate it. Sleep is such a nice thing to do. It helps me to stop thinking and fully relax. I love it so much that sometime i just doesn't want to get up and face the reality. Adulthood is hard......being a kid is so good. Treasure it. 

3) Fetch
As a kid, i want to be miss independent and hate it when my parents or sister fetch me to school and home. Oh my god....Now i think back i was like what the hell am i thinking....But now i appreciate it! Whenever there are people accompany me to go back home i was like thank you!!! Also, my dad fetch me to school and i love it because i hate taking public transport and also my dad motorcycle is faster. Thank you i really really appreciate it and he knows that.

4) Dark Chocolate
I always love chocolate. Still am loving chocolate. But back then as a kid, i dislike dark chocolate. Maybe it was because of the bitterness or maybe i just don't know how to appreciate it. But now, i accept dark chocolate in my life and it was actually quite good. I have no idea when my taste bud change but i actually kind of loving it. I still remember in secondary school, my maths teacher Mrs Tan actually love dark chocolate and when i ask her why, she say that when you get older, dark chocolate taste better. I was shock that it's true. At least for me i think it's true. 

5) Doing Nothing
I love to do something as long as it's not related to school/homework when i was a kid. I will play my toys (nowadays kid probably doesn't even play toys which is a shame), watch my favourite cartoons etc. But now, i'm blessed to do nothing. I appreciate it! To be honest, i won't be bored doing nothing.  Maybe because i was so busy with school, i am so relieve to be doing nothing. It's a blessed. You can call me weird because i know a lot of people hate doing nothing and will actually drive them crazy. 

What is the things you hate as a kid but love it now?
Thanks for reading :)

Saturday, September 17, 2016

19 Things I Learnt By The Age Of 19 (Birthday)

Hello everyone! So i have officially turned 19 years old on July and was inspired to write this on August.  Enough of rambling, here is 19 things i learnt by age 19 or maybe.....still am learning.

1) Follow your instinct.
 → As i get older, my instinct is more and more accurate......obviously sometime it may be inaccurate but......I have learnt to trust it since instinct was there for a reason and most of the time, i'm so glad i follow my instinct.

2) Do not compare.
 Do not compare yourself with other people and do not compare people with other people. Just don't do it. It doesn't benefit you nor did it makes you feel good. So....don't. Unless you are that kind of person that by comparing to other people motivate you, then go ahead.

3) Not everyone is going to like you.
 → I heard from one youtuber said something like this. "25% people will just like you for being you. Another 25% people will like you but then don't like you after that. Then another 25% people will don't like you but then grow to like you. The last 25% people will just don't like you no matter what you do." I find this was so damn true so......It's okay. We are all different and our vibe is different, opinions is different so it's okay.

4) Don't be afraid to say no.
 → This is something really hard for me and i'm still trying to learn. Our time is precious and sometime other people business is just not our business to care. Sound cruel, i know.

5) Always listen first.
 → This is also a bit hard for me because i always talk instead of listen. So i am still trying to learn to listen attentively even though i have to admit sometime what people talk to me are bullshitting. Just saying. You can choose to listen feedback and opinions but that does not mean you have to take it. If those are bullshit, just delete it away.

6) Keep an open mind.
 → I pretty open minded sometime. I thought of putting this in because i think it's important for project. Sometime people ideas are brilliant.

7) It's okay to be confused.
 → I am a slow learner. I don't get things fast so i'm confused all the time. But that's okay. You're not stupid, just slow. Take your time.

8) Embrace your flaws.
→ If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. We are not perfect and that's okay. Just embrace it.

9) Working out can be fun.
→ I still remember when people told me this, i usually just roll my eyes at them. But then, it's true. Now i believe that working out can be fun. I truly believe that you can enjoy working out if you find the right one that is suitable for you. For me, i love cardio dance workout because i love to dance and move around. The Fitness Marshall on Youtube is my favourite working out channel. Fun fact, i hate running.

10) Family and friends are important but you too.
→ Sometime we are so into what happen to other people and surrounding that we forget ourself. So it is important to have alone time. You can go shopping and pamper yourself. The world is your pickle my friend.

11) Be grateful and blessed with what you have.
→ I realised that in order to make yourself feel better about life is always be grateful and blessed with what you have. This will allow you to feel more positive because human tend to cling on to negativity a lot. As much as i always complaining about my life on twitter, deep down i'm always grateful and blessed. I have family and friends, a roof over my head and tummy filled with foods so, yes i'm grateful and blessed.

12) Storybook is awesome, Good food too.
→ I started the habit of reading storybook when i was in primary school. It was funny because i discovered my love for reading accidentally. When i was in primary school, i always went to the library because it have air-con. Then slowly, my love for reading develop there. As much as i hate reading textbook, storybook is my favourite. Non-fiction, self-help, motivational, biography book are my favourite! It was rare for me to read fictional book unless the storyline is interesting and are related to crime and detective. I honestly believe everyone will love to read if they find the right genre and the right way to read. Personally i don't like to listen to audible and i don't like reading from kindle. I love it when i can physically touch and flip the pages when reading.
My love for good food is beyond this world. I have to admit i have a small appetite and tummy so i cannot eat a lot. But when it comes to good food, i will try my best to eat them all. Dessert is my favourite! I don't care if the foods is cheap or expensive, as long as it is delicious, that's it. That will be in my tummy.

13) Love yourself.
→ In order to love other people, you have to love yourself first. Self love is key.

14) Some people comes and go while some stay.
→ Some people are meant to stay in our life while some don't. I really think people came into my life for a reason and are teaching me something. 

15) Do your best or don't do it at all.
→ I honestly believe that it's either you do your best or don't do it at all. I hate to half ass things even though sometime i did that due to laziness and time constraint. But, i'm trying to do my best now! 

16) Tough times will pass.
→ Sometime i am stress or i met some difficulties, i always tell myself that tough times will pass no matter what. The thing is good time will pass too. Everything will pass. No worry, be happy. 

17) We all have different faces.
→ Everyone have different faces. I used to think it's a bad thing but now not really anymore. I understand how we act differently around different people and people can't always stay the same so.....i accept that. 

18) Happiness is important but money too.
→ I know how people say money can't buy happiness and even if it bring you happiness, it's only temporary. I don't agree with that. You guys have to admit that without money, we can't survive in this earth and life will be miserable. Sound shallow, but it's true.

19) Do what you love.
→ It's important to do what you love. Do what makes you happy, bring you joy and give you full on positive vibe. Also, doing something you love and earn money from a bonus and be grateful for that. 

So, what did you learnt by the age of ____? 
Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

7 Back to School Essentials

Hello people! Today i will be talking about back to school essentials! Things that i think is super important for school. Instead of talking about necessary things such as handphone, wallet and school notes/textbook, i'm going to talk about something else that people tend to think it is not important.

1) Portable charger/ Power bank/ Phone charger
 It have so many name that i didn't know which one to use but i know you get what i mean. It is important especially nowadays our phone always die on us due to PokemonGo and social media.

2) Tissue
I always have tissue with me because i think it is extremely important. You need tissue when you go washroom incase there are no toilet paper. You need tissue when you eat to clean your mouth and hands. You need tissue incase you spill water or when the seat is dirty.

3) Medical oil/ Medicine
You have no idea when you will have stomachache or headache that hinder you from doing your work. So this is an essentials.

4) Earpiece
A lot of people actually carry this around but the shocking thing is sometime they forget to bring. This is an essential because if you don't want to talk to someone, just pop this in and listen to music. If you want to be less awkward, listen to music. If you are bored, listen to music!

5) Umbrella
A lot of people don't carry umbrella with them because they think it was unnecessary. Umbrella is heavy and big so it fills up a lot of space in the bag. Especially when you are carrying a small bag that cannot fit umbrella, you decided not to bring. But, umbrella is important. When it's sunny out, you can block the sun. When it's rain, umbrella can prevent you from getting drench, electronic too and falling sick.

6) Water bottle
Water is important. But not a lot of people carry water bottle to school. Same reason as the umbrella because it was heavy and big. To me water bottle is important because staying hydrated allow more oxygen going to your brain so you will be more awake. Sometime, it can ease your hunger too.

7) Pads/Tampons
To all women out there, pads/tampons is important. I don't know how many times people ask me for pads in school because they did not bring. To me, i think it is our responsibility to know when you going to come menstruation. Sometime it may be hard to predict, hence bringing pads/tampons to school will solve this kind of problem. 

So what is your back to school essentials? 
Thanks for reading. 

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Chomp Chomp Trip

Hey everyone! Another Saturday, another new post. Holiday is officially here and i finally can do things that i love and just relax! So far, i already attended my hair appointment and dental appointment which i will update you guys in another blog post. 

On 21 July 2016, Thursday. We ended school super early because we only have 1 lab lesson. So, we decided to go Chomp Chomp and celebrate Kimberly birthday and also because we crave for sambal stingray! We have been talking about this trip for so long and finally we are there. 

First, we went to Bedok and shop because Xin Yi and Kimberly need to purchase something so we walk all the way to a freaking big sport mall that i didn't know exist. But then again, i didn't know a lot of things existed so it was not that shocking. It sells everything sport related and it was so cheap too. We also bought some snack since we are hungry already! 

After that, we reach Chomp Chomp. But because we reach too early, we decided to go to the roof top of the mall and chill and took some pictures. 

Then is chomp chomp time!!!!!~

After that home sweet home!

Can i just say i'm so blessed to have friends in school?
I know the feeling of being lonely and i'm so glad to have a clique in school where i can just be myself. 
Also, glad to have a life long friends which i can count on and talk to. :)
You know who you are! ;)

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Projects - "Finding Containers" - 2016

Hey people! I'm back with a new but outdated blog post! My exams have started and i can't wait to finish them! I most probably will blog really frequently starting from 9 September! I can't wait to update you guys what i have been doing with my life even though it's really boring. 

On 8 July 2016, Friday, I have another project meeting but it was not any kind of meeting. This meeting, we are going out to hunt for the right containers for our project which you will see a photo very soon. That's why i named this "Finding Containers"-2016 because i was inspired by "Finding Dory" which was a hot topic at the time. So, we went to various malls such as Tampines malls and also different shops such as Popular and Daiso. We also went to Ikea to eat and find suitable containers for our projects. We were quite particular about the design and size of the containers that's why we ran to so many places to find the right one. So basically this whole trip, our mission is to find containers! How exciting. Anyway, we didn't bought anything that day because we have eyes on the Daiso containers but in the end we realised we cannot autoclave it. So at the end of the day, i purchase it online which i will talk about it in a bit. Anyway, if anyone went to Ikea and eat, please try their $1 chocolate mousse! It was so good that i bought 10 chocolate mousse home! On the way back home, i have a bit of struggle because number 1, i'm stupid and number 2, i'm dumb. So.....let me begin my story of what happen when i'm going home. 

Guess who take the wrong bus home? Me.

Guess who take the bus from the wrong bus-stop. Me

Seriously I'm such a 白痴路痴 (no sense of direction) that i sometime think i need to learn how to read a map and carry around like dora or simply put gps in my brain. 

Finally i took the CORRECT BUS from the CORRECT BUS-STOP, something happened again!! The bus uncle and a passenger quarrel!! Below is their conversation. Take note that the passenger voice is freaking loud.

Passenger: 多少钱啊? (How much?) (Repeat multiple time)
Bus uncle: *said an amount i can't hear*
Passenger: 就是四千欧币啊。对不对? (Mean it is $4000 European currencies. Correct a not ah?) (Repeat multiple time)

Bus uncle: 含那 含那。去坐。(ya lah ya lah. Go sit down) (use hand gesture too)
Passenger: *suddenly angry* 为什么这么不爽? 什么态度。(what kind of attitude to talk to me like that?)
Bus uncle: 我做工一整天eh. (i work the whole day eh.)
Passenger: 你不爽我不要还钱。我下车。(this kind of attitude i don't want to pay for the bus fee. I want to go down)
Keep in mind that the passenger is really loud. I have block ears that day and i still can hear him really clearly. At this time the bus already move so he can't get down the bus. So he went upstair and i still can hear him.

If I'm not wrong he was a little crazy. He was like talking damn loud or shouting even. Some passengers can't even stand him and come down to the first level. I heard people conversation and it goes something like "神经病sia"(crazy sia), "好吵" (so noisy).

I was so scared that i literally pray in my heart that i will reach safely to my destination. LOL. 

If you manage to read until the end, props to you. You deserve a pat on the shoulder for spending that few minutes to read and experience part of my life that day. However, i'm not done yet!

On 22 July 2016, Friday, I woke up super early because i have to meet the seller for the 2 containers. Then, i rushed home and did my survey which i thought it will be easy but ended up it took me about an hour to finish. Moving on, I went out with Sandra and went to AMK to find some decorations for the containers. Since the shop that we want to go isn't exactly at AMK Hub and also it was our first time to go to that shop, we actually went missing despite having GPS. We met at around 1:30pm and at around 3pm we still couldn't find it! I was like panicking because the shop close at 5pm. Just a moment of silence, can you imagine how many kilometre we have walk?! Moving on, we gave up so we decided to ask people and finally found the shop! We first discover this shop at Carousell and it states 10 minutes walk. Just a head up, it was not a 10 minutes walk even if we didn't went missing. Anyway, guess what happen next. The shop was open but the door was lock! HALLELUJAH. Moreover, there was no one in. Fann really have shitty luck. So i decided to go eat lunch first then came back. I ate Roti Prata and Sandra ate toast. Props to Sandra because she actually fall sick but still accompany me! After that we went back to that shop and coincidentally a guy was calling the shop owner because he ordered something from her online. Then the shop owner finally came out and open the door!!! Oh my god, my luck actually was not that shitty. So i went in and bought a lot from her. Since our themes are beach theme and forest theme, i bought a lot of seashells, starfish and dinosaur decoration. The shop owner was super helpful too because she was the one that recommend dinosaur and not Totoro. Also, there are people using Totoro so i wouldn't want to buy that either. I am super thankful that she mention dinosaur because i swear nobody will ever thought of dinosaur as a forest theme. She also gave me a lot of tips and ideas upon knowing it is for a project even though she see it as a competition but......whatever, it is kind of like a competition anyway. Then, we travel to Waterway and bought some pebbles and soils. As for sand, one of our group members actually took sands from a beach.....Props to him too for ignoring what other people think of him when he doing this. 

So here is the final result.

Seriously our group have been through so much because of this projects. We actually decorated twice but because the first time the group leader bring it home and bring it back to school, the soils, pebbles and sand actually mixed up! I have no idea how he took it home to cause this tragic thing to happen but it's okay, problems solve in the end just that more work have to be done. 

So here is our first decoration without the bulb inside.

I honestly think that things happened for a reason. I actually think our final one look nicer. :D

Here is one of the group product. Took this picture because i love their decoration.

Even though our plant got contaminated but i'm still proud that our design look nice and my group members for giving their very best! :) Also, we won for this project! :D 

Okay! That's the end of my "Finding Containers" story. I will talk to you guys after my exams! :D Bye!