Saturday, September 17, 2016

19 Things I Learnt By The Age Of 19 (Birthday)

Hello everyone! So i have officially turned 19 years old on July and was inspired to write this on August.  Enough of rambling, here is 19 things i learnt by age 19 or maybe.....still am learning.

1) Follow your instinct.
 → As i get older, my instinct is more and more accurate......obviously sometime it may be inaccurate but......I have learnt to trust it since instinct was there for a reason and most of the time, i'm so glad i follow my instinct.

2) Do not compare.
 Do not compare yourself with other people and do not compare people with other people. Just don't do it. It doesn't benefit you nor did it makes you feel good. So....don't. Unless you are that kind of person that by comparing to other people motivate you, then go ahead.

3) Not everyone is going to like you.
 → I heard from one youtuber said something like this. "25% people will just like you for being you. Another 25% people will like you but then don't like you after that. Then another 25% people will don't like you but then grow to like you. The last 25% people will just don't like you no matter what you do." I find this was so damn true so......It's okay. We are all different and our vibe is different, opinions is different so it's okay.

4) Don't be afraid to say no.
 → This is something really hard for me and i'm still trying to learn. Our time is precious and sometime other people business is just not our business to care. Sound cruel, i know.

5) Always listen first.
 → This is also a bit hard for me because i always talk instead of listen. So i am still trying to learn to listen attentively even though i have to admit sometime what people talk to me are bullshitting. Just saying. You can choose to listen feedback and opinions but that does not mean you have to take it. If those are bullshit, just delete it away.

6) Keep an open mind.
 → I pretty open minded sometime. I thought of putting this in because i think it's important for project. Sometime people ideas are brilliant.

7) It's okay to be confused.
 → I am a slow learner. I don't get things fast so i'm confused all the time. But that's okay. You're not stupid, just slow. Take your time.

8) Embrace your flaws.
→ If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. We are not perfect and that's okay. Just embrace it.

9) Working out can be fun.
→ I still remember when people told me this, i usually just roll my eyes at them. But then, it's true. Now i believe that working out can be fun. I truly believe that you can enjoy working out if you find the right one that is suitable for you. For me, i love cardio dance workout because i love to dance and move around. The Fitness Marshall on Youtube is my favourite working out channel. Fun fact, i hate running.

10) Family and friends are important but you too.
→ Sometime we are so into what happen to other people and surrounding that we forget ourself. So it is important to have alone time. You can go shopping and pamper yourself. The world is your pickle my friend.

11) Be grateful and blessed with what you have.
→ I realised that in order to make yourself feel better about life is always be grateful and blessed with what you have. This will allow you to feel more positive because human tend to cling on to negativity a lot. As much as i always complaining about my life on twitter, deep down i'm always grateful and blessed. I have family and friends, a roof over my head and tummy filled with foods so, yes i'm grateful and blessed.

12) Storybook is awesome, Good food too.
→ I started the habit of reading storybook when i was in primary school. It was funny because i discovered my love for reading accidentally. When i was in primary school, i always went to the library because it have air-con. Then slowly, my love for reading develop there. As much as i hate reading textbook, storybook is my favourite. Non-fiction, self-help, motivational, biography book are my favourite! It was rare for me to read fictional book unless the storyline is interesting and are related to crime and detective. I honestly believe everyone will love to read if they find the right genre and the right way to read. Personally i don't like to listen to audible and i don't like reading from kindle. I love it when i can physically touch and flip the pages when reading.
My love for good food is beyond this world. I have to admit i have a small appetite and tummy so i cannot eat a lot. But when it comes to good food, i will try my best to eat them all. Dessert is my favourite! I don't care if the foods is cheap or expensive, as long as it is delicious, that's it. That will be in my tummy.

13) Love yourself.
→ In order to love other people, you have to love yourself first. Self love is key.

14) Some people comes and go while some stay.
→ Some people are meant to stay in our life while some don't. I really think people came into my life for a reason and are teaching me something. 

15) Do your best or don't do it at all.
→ I honestly believe that it's either you do your best or don't do it at all. I hate to half ass things even though sometime i did that due to laziness and time constraint. But, i'm trying to do my best now! 

16) Tough times will pass.
→ Sometime i am stress or i met some difficulties, i always tell myself that tough times will pass no matter what. The thing is good time will pass too. Everything will pass. No worry, be happy. 

17) We all have different faces.
→ Everyone have different faces. I used to think it's a bad thing but now not really anymore. I understand how we act differently around different people and people can't always stay the same so.....i accept that. 

18) Happiness is important but money too.
→ I know how people say money can't buy happiness and even if it bring you happiness, it's only temporary. I don't agree with that. You guys have to admit that without money, we can't survive in this earth and life will be miserable. Sound shallow, but it's true.

19) Do what you love.
→ It's important to do what you love. Do what makes you happy, bring you joy and give you full on positive vibe. Also, doing something you love and earn money from a bonus and be grateful for that. 

So, what did you learnt by the age of ____? 
Thanks for reading!

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