Wednesday, September 21, 2016

5 Things I Hate As A Kid But Love It Now

Hello people! I was inspired to write this when my dad fetch me to school one day. So i was like why not share with you guys my thoughts! So here is the things i hate as a kid but love it now.

1) Coffee
As a kid, i used to drink my dad coffee because i was wondering what's so nice about it that he drink it almost everyday. Moreover, it smell really nice so i tried it as a kid and hate it. I love coffee now. Especially when coffee mix with chocolate, i think they are the perfect match! However, i self-declared myself allergy to caffeine. I discovered that whenever i drink something that contains caffeine. The next thing i know is that i feel nausea and have stomachache. This is such a tragic thing for me because coffee smell and taste so nice. Fun fact, coffee does not wake me up. I can still fall asleep even if i have coffee that day.

2) Sleep/Nap
As a kid, i really hate to sleep early or have a nap. I have no idea why. Probably thinking that sleeping is boring or because i was so carefree back then, i have lots of energy install in me. But now, i appreciate it. Sleep is such a nice thing to do. It helps me to stop thinking and fully relax. I love it so much that sometime i just doesn't want to get up and face the reality. Adulthood is hard......being a kid is so good. Treasure it. 

3) Fetch
As a kid, i want to be miss independent and hate it when my parents or sister fetch me to school and home. Oh my god....Now i think back i was like what the hell am i thinking....But now i appreciate it! Whenever there are people accompany me to go back home i was like thank you!!! Also, my dad fetch me to school and i love it because i hate taking public transport and also my dad motorcycle is faster. Thank you i really really appreciate it and he knows that.

4) Dark Chocolate
I always love chocolate. Still am loving chocolate. But back then as a kid, i dislike dark chocolate. Maybe it was because of the bitterness or maybe i just don't know how to appreciate it. But now, i accept dark chocolate in my life and it was actually quite good. I have no idea when my taste bud change but i actually kind of loving it. I still remember in secondary school, my maths teacher Mrs Tan actually love dark chocolate and when i ask her why, she say that when you get older, dark chocolate taste better. I was shock that it's true. At least for me i think it's true. 

5) Doing Nothing
I love to do something as long as it's not related to school/homework when i was a kid. I will play my toys (nowadays kid probably doesn't even play toys which is a shame), watch my favourite cartoons etc. But now, i'm blessed to do nothing. I appreciate it! To be honest, i won't be bored doing nothing.  Maybe because i was so busy with school, i am so relieve to be doing nothing. It's a blessed. You can call me weird because i know a lot of people hate doing nothing and will actually drive them crazy. 

What is the things you hate as a kid but love it now?
Thanks for reading :)

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