Wednesday, September 14, 2016

7 Back to School Essentials

Hello people! Today i will be talking about back to school essentials! Things that i think is super important for school. Instead of talking about necessary things such as handphone, wallet and school notes/textbook, i'm going to talk about something else that people tend to think it is not important.

1) Portable charger/ Power bank/ Phone charger
 It have so many name that i didn't know which one to use but i know you get what i mean. It is important especially nowadays our phone always die on us due to PokemonGo and social media.

2) Tissue
I always have tissue with me because i think it is extremely important. You need tissue when you go washroom incase there are no toilet paper. You need tissue when you eat to clean your mouth and hands. You need tissue incase you spill water or when the seat is dirty.

3) Medical oil/ Medicine
You have no idea when you will have stomachache or headache that hinder you from doing your work. So this is an essentials.

4) Earpiece
A lot of people actually carry this around but the shocking thing is sometime they forget to bring. This is an essential because if you don't want to talk to someone, just pop this in and listen to music. If you want to be less awkward, listen to music. If you are bored, listen to music!

5) Umbrella
A lot of people don't carry umbrella with them because they think it was unnecessary. Umbrella is heavy and big so it fills up a lot of space in the bag. Especially when you are carrying a small bag that cannot fit umbrella, you decided not to bring. But, umbrella is important. When it's sunny out, you can block the sun. When it's rain, umbrella can prevent you from getting drench, electronic too and falling sick.

6) Water bottle
Water is important. But not a lot of people carry water bottle to school. Same reason as the umbrella because it was heavy and big. To me water bottle is important because staying hydrated allow more oxygen going to your brain so you will be more awake. Sometime, it can ease your hunger too.

7) Pads/Tampons
To all women out there, pads/tampons is important. I don't know how many times people ask me for pads in school because they did not bring. To me, i think it is our responsibility to know when you going to come menstruation. Sometime it may be hard to predict, hence bringing pads/tampons to school will solve this kind of problem. 

So what is your back to school essentials? 
Thanks for reading. 

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