Saturday, September 10, 2016

Chomp Chomp Trip

Hey everyone! Another Saturday, another new post. Holiday is officially here and i finally can do things that i love and just relax! So far, i already attended my hair appointment and dental appointment which i will update you guys in another blog post. 

On 21 July 2016, Thursday. We ended school super early because we only have 1 lab lesson. So, we decided to go Chomp Chomp and celebrate Kimberly birthday and also because we crave for sambal stingray! We have been talking about this trip for so long and finally we are there. 

First, we went to Bedok and shop because Xin Yi and Kimberly need to purchase something so we walk all the way to a freaking big sport mall that i didn't know exist. But then again, i didn't know a lot of things existed so it was not that shocking. It sells everything sport related and it was so cheap too. We also bought some snack since we are hungry already! 

After that, we reach Chomp Chomp. But because we reach too early, we decided to go to the roof top of the mall and chill and took some pictures. 

Then is chomp chomp time!!!!!~

After that home sweet home!

Can i just say i'm so blessed to have friends in school?
I know the feeling of being lonely and i'm so glad to have a clique in school where i can just be myself. 
Also, glad to have a life long friends which i can count on and talk to. :)
You know who you are! ;)

Thanks for reading!
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