Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Lego Brick Exhibition

Hello people! I just realised i should have published this earlier, but i didn't so i apologise for that! On 15 July 2016, Friday, I remembered i have no school that day, but i still went to school for another project meeting. We went to GCV and realised that they have a Lego Brick exhibition so we decided to go in and take a look. Then later on i found out on the TP website that it was "The Brick Collective: Tiong Bahru Edition". 

I was so impressed by it because i know how hard it is to build all this small lego into a figure. Moreover, everything you see is made up of lego! Even the table!!!
 My brother loves doing this kind of lego and i absolutely have no idea how to build it. Like this is not my thing. I can't even understand the lego instruction manual let alone building it. 

I just want to say they did a great job and i actually really love it. 
Somehow it brought back a lot of memories when i was still living at my old house. I guess the only thing that's missing was probably the wet market. 

Question: Do you guys love to build lego? 
Because i personally can't build anything.

That's all for this post. Bye!


mackyton said...

This is very useful information on the lego brick exhibition. Couple of months ago, I did arrangements for the Ben 10 kids’ exhibition at one of exemplary San Francisco event venues. Decorated venue with amazing items and all the kids enjoyed this event.

Fann Ong said...

@mackyton Aww!! Good to hear that the kids enjoy themselves there! :D