Saturday, September 3, 2016

Projects - "Finding Containers" - 2016

Hey people! I'm back with a new but outdated blog post! My exams have started and i can't wait to finish them! I most probably will blog really frequently starting from 9 September! I can't wait to update you guys what i have been doing with my life even though it's really boring. 

On 8 July 2016, Friday, I have another project meeting but it was not any kind of meeting. This meeting, we are going out to hunt for the right containers for our project which you will see a photo very soon. That's why i named this "Finding Containers"-2016 because i was inspired by "Finding Dory" which was a hot topic at the time. So, we went to various malls such as Tampines malls and also different shops such as Popular and Daiso. We also went to Ikea to eat and find suitable containers for our projects. We were quite particular about the design and size of the containers that's why we ran to so many places to find the right one. So basically this whole trip, our mission is to find containers! How exciting. Anyway, we didn't bought anything that day because we have eyes on the Daiso containers but in the end we realised we cannot autoclave it. So at the end of the day, i purchase it online which i will talk about it in a bit. Anyway, if anyone went to Ikea and eat, please try their $1 chocolate mousse! It was so good that i bought 10 chocolate mousse home! On the way back home, i have a bit of struggle because number 1, i'm stupid and number 2, i'm dumb. So.....let me begin my story of what happen when i'm going home. 

Guess who take the wrong bus home? Me.

Guess who take the bus from the wrong bus-stop. Me

Seriously I'm such a 白痴路痴 (no sense of direction) that i sometime think i need to learn how to read a map and carry around like dora or simply put gps in my brain. 

Finally i took the CORRECT BUS from the CORRECT BUS-STOP, something happened again!! The bus uncle and a passenger quarrel!! Below is their conversation. Take note that the passenger voice is freaking loud.

Passenger: 多少钱啊? (How much?) (Repeat multiple time)
Bus uncle: *said an amount i can't hear*
Passenger: 就是四千欧币啊。对不对? (Mean it is $4000 European currencies. Correct a not ah?) (Repeat multiple time)

Bus uncle: 含那 含那。去坐。(ya lah ya lah. Go sit down) (use hand gesture too)
Passenger: *suddenly angry* 为什么这么不爽? 什么态度。(what kind of attitude to talk to me like that?)
Bus uncle: 我做工一整天eh. (i work the whole day eh.)
Passenger: 你不爽我不要还钱。我下车。(this kind of attitude i don't want to pay for the bus fee. I want to go down)
Keep in mind that the passenger is really loud. I have block ears that day and i still can hear him really clearly. At this time the bus already move so he can't get down the bus. So he went upstair and i still can hear him.

If I'm not wrong he was a little crazy. He was like talking damn loud or shouting even. Some passengers can't even stand him and come down to the first level. I heard people conversation and it goes something like "神经病sia"(crazy sia), "好吵" (so noisy).

I was so scared that i literally pray in my heart that i will reach safely to my destination. LOL. 

If you manage to read until the end, props to you. You deserve a pat on the shoulder for spending that few minutes to read and experience part of my life that day. However, i'm not done yet!

On 22 July 2016, Friday, I woke up super early because i have to meet the seller for the 2 containers. Then, i rushed home and did my survey which i thought it will be easy but ended up it took me about an hour to finish. Moving on, I went out with Sandra and went to AMK to find some decorations for the containers. Since the shop that we want to go isn't exactly at AMK Hub and also it was our first time to go to that shop, we actually went missing despite having GPS. We met at around 1:30pm and at around 3pm we still couldn't find it! I was like panicking because the shop close at 5pm. Just a moment of silence, can you imagine how many kilometre we have walk?! Moving on, we gave up so we decided to ask people and finally found the shop! We first discover this shop at Carousell and it states 10 minutes walk. Just a head up, it was not a 10 minutes walk even if we didn't went missing. Anyway, guess what happen next. The shop was open but the door was lock! HALLELUJAH. Moreover, there was no one in. Fann really have shitty luck. So i decided to go eat lunch first then came back. I ate Roti Prata and Sandra ate toast. Props to Sandra because she actually fall sick but still accompany me! After that we went back to that shop and coincidentally a guy was calling the shop owner because he ordered something from her online. Then the shop owner finally came out and open the door!!! Oh my god, my luck actually was not that shitty. So i went in and bought a lot from her. Since our themes are beach theme and forest theme, i bought a lot of seashells, starfish and dinosaur decoration. The shop owner was super helpful too because she was the one that recommend dinosaur and not Totoro. Also, there are people using Totoro so i wouldn't want to buy that either. I am super thankful that she mention dinosaur because i swear nobody will ever thought of dinosaur as a forest theme. She also gave me a lot of tips and ideas upon knowing it is for a project even though she see it as a competition but......whatever, it is kind of like a competition anyway. Then, we travel to Waterway and bought some pebbles and soils. As for sand, one of our group members actually took sands from a beach.....Props to him too for ignoring what other people think of him when he doing this. 

So here is the final result.

Seriously our group have been through so much because of this projects. We actually decorated twice but because the first time the group leader bring it home and bring it back to school, the soils, pebbles and sand actually mixed up! I have no idea how he took it home to cause this tragic thing to happen but it's okay, problems solve in the end just that more work have to be done. 

So here is our first decoration without the bulb inside.

I honestly think that things happened for a reason. I actually think our final one look nicer. :D

Here is one of the group product. Took this picture because i love their decoration.

Even though our plant got contaminated but i'm still proud that our design look nice and my group members for giving their very best! :) Also, we won for this project! :D 

Okay! That's the end of my "Finding Containers" story. I will talk to you guys after my exams! :D Bye!
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