Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Books Review / Recommendation

Since i was on school holiday, i have been reading. Hence, i decided to talk about the books that i read and gave my opinions about it. 

This book is "#Girlboss" by Sophia Amoruso.
I bought this after i see a lot of Youtubers rave about it and also it seems like a good book to read. 
And i have to admit, they are right.
This is the book that i will reread again and again. It seems like every time you reread, you will learn something different. Something i like about this book is that i can see her personality shine through because she was so real!
This was an inspiring book that you will learn a lot from it. 

This book is "Deliver Me from Evil" by Alloma Gilbert. 
I actually read this book a long time ago and i finally able to talk about this book. I actually never heard of this book before until my sister bought for me because she knows my types of genre of books. This was my first time reading this type of book that talk about their foster parents. The shocking thing was their foster parents abuse her and other foster child that she fostered. 
This was an incredibly sad story, but was so inspiring.
It teaches me to stay strong and fight for yourself.

This book is "The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck" by Sarah Knight.
I first heard about this book from one of the Youtuber that i watched and hence, i bought it.
The reasons being were simply because the title sound so badass and savage. 
However, i have to say that i am kind of annoyed about the words "fuck" because it was overused in this book. If you cannot handle the words "fuck" being used a lot of times, then this book is not for you.
But, i have to say that the content was amazing and she even has a step by step to follow her tricks of not giving a fuck. It really does change my priority about people and things.

So, what's your favourite books? 

Thanks for reading. 

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