Saturday, October 22, 2016

Foods & MAC Lipstick

Hello everyone! I did not publish any post last week because i decided to take a break. It kinds of sad that school start next week because i just saw my timetable and it sucks so bad. Oh well.....This is life and i have to accept it. Anyway, let's talk about some happy stuffs. :)

16 September 2016, Friday.

I went out with ZiYun and Gillian and have dinner at Chili's, which was located at Clarke Quay.

This burger is expensive, but the portion is big, so no complain. I can't even finish it. 
I regret ordering this though, because i don't really like chicken breast. 
However, what Gillian and ZiYun ordered, was good. 

Then, we went to walk around and explore and guess what! My platform shoes died on me! 
I have to walk barefooted (not really, since i wore socks. I am just being dramatic), crossing the street to get to the other mall and search for cheap slipper. Do you know why my shoes spoil? Because some random stranger freaking step on it from behind. But then, i can't blame anyone. I have that shoe for years and i guess it's time to go. RIP shoes. You serve me well. 

17 September 2016, Saturday.

I went out with my family to have dinner together. It was a good one. It's been quite some time since i spend time with my family.

19 September 2016, Monday.

I finally went out with ZiYun, Gillian, Lena and ReiChi! Full squad this time round! 

Selfie because i deserve it. :P

Since ZiYun and i reached too early, we decided to shop at MAC. 
This was the first time i ever bought something from MAC and it was for my sister.
It was in shade Midimauve. 
The colour looks brown and intense in the tube, but when you swatch it on your hand, it's actually really sheer and natural. 
Since my sister loves natural colour, so i bought it for her as she needs new lipstick badly. Her old lipstick have already expired. 

We went to Bugis once again to eat at Yoogane.

Full squad. 

We chat a lot, busy catching up. It's always a fun time with them, filled with laughter :D. 
We even plan to have a staycation, which already happened and i will blog about that soon. 

One thing i have noticed from this trip (or i should say i notice this long ago) is that whenever i put on makeup and dress well, people tend to talk to me a lot more and also serve me in the shop. 
Sad but true.

Anyway, that's all for this post. 

Bye :)
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