Saturday, October 1, 2016

Purple Hair & Dental Appointment

On 7 September 2016, Wednesday. I went to get my hair cut and dye. I have been looking forward for this day for so long because my hair badly needs it. 

Here are the before pictures. 
My hair is long and my ends are dead. It was so bad that it looks like dried up grass. 
Can i mention that the snapchat filter is really cute.
The auntie initially cuts a little bit for me because she saw many girls regret their choice for going short.
And i was like, it's okay, you can still continue to cut. 
So ended up, she cut it twice.

Here are the after pictures.

Yes! Finally, no split ends! 
And yes, you didn't see it wrong. I finally dyed my hair purple!
This is my first time dyeing my hair purple. 
All along, i always stick with brown hair, but i realised i need a change because i got bored of it. 
Since this is my first time, i decided to dye dark purple, so at least i have time to adjust and will not get a shock.
But apparently, it was quite obvious, but hey, i'm not complaining. 
If anyone going to ask, nope, i did not bleach my hair. 
I guess the reason why my purple hair is quite obvious is because my previous hair colour is light brown. 
As you can tell, i'm loving my hair and i can't wait to try different colour!!

After that, i met up with my sister to have dinner with her! Again, we were eating sushi and i'm not complaining because i love sushi. That day also has Watson sale and she wants to buy lipstick but then it doesn't have the colour she wants. Then home sweet home! 

On 9 September 2016, Friday. I have a dental appointment. I have to admit the last time i got check was back in secondary school.....(gosh, it was so long ago). Anyway, the dentist did an X-ray (i forget to take a picture of that X-ray!! Sorry!) for me and realised i have 4 wisdom teeth that need to be taken out. But i did not take out that day because they need my dad's signature and my dad was at work so i will keep you guys updated once they taken out all 4 of them. I remembered they said each time can only take out 2 wisdom teeth so meaning, i have to go through the procedure twice so.........please pray for me. I am someone that really scared of pain and i totally have no pain tolerance at all. Anyway, so i got dental fill and clean and i'm good to go. So far, i have not experienced any pain from dentist yet. But i will keep you guys updated!

Question of the day: Are you scared of dentist and what coloured hair you want?

Peace people! :D

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