Saturday, October 29, 2016

Staycation With Friends / Airbnb Room Tour

Hello people! This is my first time having a staycation with my friends and i am so excited!!! We are having 2 days 1 night stay at an airbnb apartment which happened on 10 and 11 October 2016, Monday and Tuesday respectively. So, we met up inside the MRT as per normal and head to Orchard. After reaching our destination, we went to take a bus because our apartment was a little far. We actually reached and checked in early. When i step foot into the apartment, i instantly love it. It was small but simple and have 2 storey. It was super cozy as well. You will know what i meant after seeing the photos below.

The first thing i saw when i walk in.
The kitchen and a mirror.

To the left, it is a toilet.

To the right, it has tables and chairs.
Wardrobe and window.
Near the staircase is a fridge and washing machine.

This is the view.

Here is the floor.

Then you will see a staircase and those are bedroom.

The first thing you saw when you go up is a bed.

To the right is the TV.

Then beside the TV is the couch.

Then beside the couch is another bed.

The ceiling.

Then after resting for a while, we went out again to buy some essential items and also went grocery shopping! It's been a while since i went grocery shopping and i honestly feel like an adult. 
We decided to have steamboat for dinner/supper and hence, we bought a lot of steamboat kind of foods.

Since you know me, i can't resist when it comes to dessert. When i saw this microwavable chocolate lava cake i am freaking out! 
Luckily, my friends want to try it as well so we bought it. 
Verdict......Not that nice.
It kind of disappoints me, but oh well......microwavable stuffs cannot fight with the real bakery one.

After eating, we showered and have a girl's talk! 
I did not sleep until 4am+ !!!
It was a fun night, even though i have a headache that day! 
It was all worth it!

Hopefully we have another staycation soon!

What's your ideal staycation look like?
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