Saturday, October 8, 2016

Wedding Dinner

On 10 September 2016,  Saturday. My family and i attend a wedding dinner. We actually uber there and this was my first time using uber and so far, i have been experiencing good services and i'm addicted to it. To be honest, i'm kind of dreading to attend the wedding dinner because i know it will be extremely boring and i'm right....However, it's okay because i love the foods!!! :D I have to apologise in advance because i did not take any photo of the foods. The reason being is because it will be really awkward to actually ask your relatives to wait while i took a picture.....Hope you guys understand. I did take a lot of selfies though :D It's been quite some time since i put on makeup. 

I know that my dress code is kind of too informal for a wedding, but seriously, i really have no clothes to wear.....*excuses*.

I actually hope that if i ever get married in the future, i want it to be an interesting one. 
I realised every wedding i attended were so boring. 

What's your dream wedding will be? 



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