Saturday, November 26, 2016

Black Friday Sephora Purchase

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog! Just realised not long ago, blogger actually changes the layout and i'm liking it! Hahahaha :D Anyway, initially, i didn't plan to blog about this. However, life happens and i decided to share with you guys what i bought yesterday (even though i didn't buy a lot) at Sephora. It's been quite sometime that i bought something for myself that isn't food related. :P.

So, on 25 November 2016, Friday, which is yesterday was Black Friday sale and Sephora have 20% off. I went to Ion Orchard straight away after my project meeting and met my sister there. I actually took bus there from school and the traffic jam was no joke. It was crazy! I had been trapped on the road for 1 hour plus and wanting to pee really badly is not something funny. Luckily, things went well and i safely reach the mall. The mall was crazy! It was super crowded and you need to queue in order to get into Sephora. I mean i should have predicted this because it was Black Friday, but you know, sometimes i just get a shock once in a while. I immediately regret my choice of wanting to shop but.....Things get better and i'm glad i went. These are something that i bought. 

I bought Tarte and Sephora Lip products.

This is Tarte Lip Paint in shade tbt.
I have been wanting this for months and i'm so glad i finally bought it.

This is Tarte Lip crayon in shade latergram.
I really love how Tarte name their products.

This is Sephora Cream Lip Stain in shade 01 always red.
This is really true red. 

Even though i didn't buy much, but i'm definitely broke after this. 
Life as a student....

So that's all for today blog post. 
Bye :)

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Faded Purple Hair

Hello everyone! As you guys might know that on the month of September, i finally plucked up my courage to dye my hair purple and i never regret it! So here is an update on my hair and how my purple hair faded to. 

So yup! It faded to pink and then back to brown because i didn't bleach my hair and my base hair colour is brown. It faded really fast, especially when i am that kind of person that washes hair everyday! It faded within 2 to 3 weeks! I actually really like the colour when it faded, but of course it will fade unevenly. Overall, i really like my hair, but the downside is that every time i wash my hair, the dye come off (which is normal) so my towel and shower area full of purple dye. I actually wish my purple hair will stay a little longer, but then if you have colour like that, normally it won't last long and that's fine because my school doesn't allow crazy hair colour. 

On 13 November 2016, Sunday, i went to get my hair trimmed and also i cut bang! My hair definitely feels healthier right now and i'm happy about it! 

So that's all for my hair journey, for now. 

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Life Updates

Hello everyone! 

Welcome to another "Life Updates" blog post. Actually, nothing really exciting has been happening in my life and i guess that's good too. This week is week 3 and i'm already stressing out. I mean, i am Fann and Fann stress out every single time, so it's actually not that surprising anymore. School has been okay for me, but i still rush my homework every single time. As usual, home girl procrastination brings it to another whole new level, same goes to laziness. But, I have been working out lately because everyone said i gain weight. Then, it hits me that i didn't work out for 1 whole month! That's a really long time! Also, i finally signed data plan for my phone so......I finally have 4G in my phone! Being able to use the internet when i am not at home and without Wifi is seriously a game changer! I can't believe i have been missing out for years. What else should i update you guys...........

Oh! Recently, i have been fangirling over Got7. It was insane. I have never fangirl so hard before.....Or maybe i did. I am addicted to their show called "Got7 'Hard Carry'". Literally every time i watched it i will be laughing like a mad woman and be "wow, so amazing". (See what i did there *wiggle eyebrows* IGot7 will know what i mean. Hint hint: Yugyeom). They will be coming to Singapore around December and home girl really want to go, but.....I'm broke and i think i'm having exams that day :(. My bias is Mark by the way.....But Yugyeom is a freaking bias wrecker i can't even... *speechless*

And 1 more thing that i want to talk about is a drama called "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo". Oh my god you guys! It's been a while that i addicted to a drama like a crazy woman. Okay, i'm not as crazy as my sister and Li Wen but still.......That show was so fucking good! I 100% recommend everyone to watch it. It was lit!! I am now waiting for their special episodes which they have already dropped hints on their Instagram. I'm soooooo ready to see the special episodes and hopefully it doesn't disappoint me because i am really disappointed when i watched their last episode. Let's be hopeful about that. 

I guess that's all! 
Bye! :)

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Genki Sushi / Korean BBQ / Shave Ice

Hello everyone! School reopens, i'm back in school once again. First week of school was fine since it doesn't have any lab work and tutorial (except for 1 tutorial). So far, school was not too bad at all. However, i have to say that i'm tired and hungry all the time, which was not a good sign. But then again, i experience that all the time, even if i'm not in school. 

On 25 October 2016, Tuesday.

I went to eat Genki Sushi with ZiYun after school. We actually wanted to eat it on Monday, but because we ended school too early, by the time we reach there, the shop was still not open. Hence, in the end, we only bought KFC breakfast home. Then we decided to eat Genki Sushi on Tuesday where we ended school a bit late. I only took this photo because it looks interesting and if you have been reading my blog long enough, you will know what sushi i ate every time. I'm pretty basic that always ordered the same things. Anyway, eating Sashimi that came from a different country is cool! I love the Norway sashimi while ZiYun loves the Scotland one. But, to be completely honest, i think it tastes the same. 

On 28 October 2016, Friday.

Since i have no school on Friday, I finally went to eat KBBQ with ZiYun and Gillian! Can you tell that i'm super excited because i am! I have been craving that for months and months and months. After eating KBBQ, i have to went shopping to buy pants for myself because i have more lab work this semester and i do not have enough pant. Then, since Uniqlo can help me alter the pant for free, i went to buy there. Seriously, at this point in life i'm sad that i'm short but whatever, embrace it. 
While waiting for them to help me alter, we went to eat durian and matcha shave ice! It was so good!!!! Especially the durian one! 
After that, i collect my pant and then home sweet home.