Saturday, November 26, 2016

Black Friday Sephora Purchase

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog! Just realised not long ago, blogger actually changes the layout and i'm liking it! Hahahaha :D Anyway, initially, i didn't plan to blog about this. However, life happens and i decided to share with you guys what i bought yesterday (even though i didn't buy a lot) at Sephora. It's been quite sometime that i bought something for myself that isn't food related. :P.

So, on 25 November 2016, Friday, which is yesterday was Black Friday sale and Sephora have 20% off. I went to Ion Orchard straight away after my project meeting and met my sister there. I actually took bus there from school and the traffic jam was no joke. It was crazy! I had been trapped on the road for 1 hour plus and wanting to pee really badly is not something funny. Luckily, things went well and i safely reach the mall. The mall was crazy! It was super crowded and you need to queue in order to get into Sephora. I mean i should have predicted this because it was Black Friday, but you know, sometimes i just get a shock once in a while. I immediately regret my choice of wanting to shop but.....Things get better and i'm glad i went. These are something that i bought. 

I bought Tarte and Sephora Lip products.

This is Tarte Lip Paint in shade tbt.
I have been wanting this for months and i'm so glad i finally bought it.

This is Tarte Lip crayon in shade latergram.
I really love how Tarte name their products.

This is Sephora Cream Lip Stain in shade 01 always red.
This is really true red. 

Even though i didn't buy much, but i'm definitely broke after this. 
Life as a student....

So that's all for today blog post. 
Bye :)

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