Saturday, November 12, 2016

Life Updates

Hello everyone! 

Welcome to another "Life Updates" blog post. Actually, nothing really exciting has been happening in my life and i guess that's good too. This week is week 3 and i'm already stressing out. I mean, i am Fann and Fann stress out every single time, so it's actually not that surprising anymore. School has been okay for me, but i still rush my homework every single time. As usual, home girl procrastination brings it to another whole new level, same goes to laziness. But, I have been working out lately because everyone said i gain weight. Then, it hits me that i didn't work out for 1 whole month! That's a really long time! Also, i finally signed data plan for my phone so......I finally have 4G in my phone! Being able to use the internet when i am not at home and without Wifi is seriously a game changer! I can't believe i have been missing out for years. What else should i update you guys...........

Oh! Recently, i have been fangirling over Got7. It was insane. I have never fangirl so hard before.....Or maybe i did. I am addicted to their show called "Got7 'Hard Carry'". Literally every time i watched it i will be laughing like a mad woman and be "wow, so amazing". (See what i did there *wiggle eyebrows* IGot7 will know what i mean. Hint hint: Yugyeom). They will be coming to Singapore around December and home girl really want to go, but.....I'm broke and i think i'm having exams that day :(. My bias is Mark by the way.....But Yugyeom is a freaking bias wrecker i can't even... *speechless*

And 1 more thing that i want to talk about is a drama called "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo". Oh my god you guys! It's been a while that i addicted to a drama like a crazy woman. Okay, i'm not as crazy as my sister and Li Wen but still.......That show was so fucking good! I 100% recommend everyone to watch it. It was lit!! I am now waiting for their special episodes which they have already dropped hints on their Instagram. I'm soooooo ready to see the special episodes and hopefully it doesn't disappoint me because i am really disappointed when i watched their last episode. Let's be hopeful about that. 

I guess that's all! 
Bye! :)

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