Sunday, December 4, 2016

Owndays Glasses (Black & Gold)

Hello everyone! Sorry for not posting a blog post yesterday. I was busy and i most probably will not be posting for 2 weeks from today onward. Exams are coming and i need time to study, especially when they did not give any study week, it just makes thing difficult here. Okay, moving on. 

On 22 November 2016, Tuesday, I went out to purchase new glasses for myself because i badly need it. My last glasses was so beat up that i badly need a new one. I have been putting it off because i didn't see any design that i like, but.......I finally found one! It was at Owndays which was the same brand as my last glasses. Anyway, here is the new glasses!

I love the combination of black and gold!
 I have been searching everywhere to find this kind of glasses ever since a youtuber wore it. 
And for once, i'm trendy because i know this kind of glasses is in trend right now. 

This is how i look like when i'm wearing it. 
Also, feature my hair that have bang now. 

This glasses was bought from Owndays.
It brands name is John Dillinger.
P/no : JD2010-D C1
It costs $178.
Here is the link for you to check it out just in case you are as lazy as me. 
That's all for this blog post.
Bye :D 

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