Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Storytime - Missing Bracelet (Gross)

Hello human! My exams finish last week and it's time to blog about what's been happening. And, yes, you read the title correctly. This will be a story time blog post. I have been dying to blog about this during exam week, but you know, i need to have some self control. Hahahahaha! :D However, if you cannot handle gross stuffs......You probably want to skip this post.

On 9th December 2016, Friday, which is the week before my exam week, i was incredibly unlucky and i feel shitty that day too. I woke up feeling sick. I feel like i have no energy and moreover my nose is congested and my cough just making it worse for my throat. My throat doesn't hurt, but it feels like something is stuck in there and basically just making me feel extremely uncomfortable. Overall, i  just don't feel good. But because is Friday and i only have 1 lesson, so i went. Everything went on fine and the lesson was fun. First, we are shocked that the teacher said the word "shut up" to a student because he never did that before, so our whole class went "Ohhhhh". Then, there's a beetle that was in the laboratory out of nowhere so all the human being in the laboratory were freaking a bit chaotic there but we were fine! Everything is completely fine until when i was about to go home and realised my bracelet went missing. I have been wearing that bracelet for years and was given by my mum and i am freaking out you guys. I searched high and low, but it's not there. So, my mood was even worse than before. After that, i have to head back home because it was late, but before that i have to go and buy dinner for myself and family. When i was waiting for a train, i almost fainted because suddenly i feel dizzy again. It was horrible that day. However, my mum was super sweet. She knows i was upset about the bracelet and she gave me another one.

You thought the story ended here, don't you?
Nope. The best part happened on 10th December 2016, Saturday.

On 10th December 2016, Saturday. I was wearing the new bracelet and i know i will not lose it this time round since i will be at home the whole day. Then, shit happened. Like seriously....Actual shit. I went to the bathroom to take a shit and guess what. My bracelet drop in the toilet bowl that filled with my poop. Wow........ I never thought that this thing will ever happen to me. No choice, my mum brings me a red looking stick to dig my bracelet out of the poop. Thanks god i'm sick because my nose is congested so i can't smell anything. Then finally i dig it out........And wash it multiple times with a lot of soap . Can i mention that the red colour stick gave me a heart attack because i thought my hands were bleeding when in fact, it's just that the stick drop its colour. Oh, and i forget to mention i'm having diarrhoea. Like normal poop is not bad now, i did not wear any bracelet. My wrist feels so bare like a part of me was gone. 

Anyway, if you make it until the end, you deserve a pat on the shoulder because this story is a long one. 

That's all for this post. By the time you read this, my hair colour change once again. Guess the colour if you want! 
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