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Fann's 2016 ❤

Hello human! Since i did Fann's 2015 last year, i decided to do it this year as well. I will try to do this every year because i love to reflect back what i did in my life and probably see how i grow as a person. But let's be honest, i only grow horizontally anyway. To be honest, i took lesser and lesser photos nowadays. I feel like it's important to live in the present. Anyway, 2016 is the year that i spend a lot of money on foods, trying new stuffs, watch a lot of movies and dye crazy hair colours. 


1 January 2016, Friday: Spend it with my best friend Li Wen! 
(Side note: Just realised i spend 1 January 2017 alone. Wow... But i did watch kpop live stream and countdown with my idols so.....I guess that count.)

6 January 2016, Wednesday: First time trying the original cheesecake from Temasek Poly.
(Side note: I actually stop eating/buying after they increase the price of the cake.)

8 January 2016, Friday: Spending time with my dad while eating Astons.

10 January 2016, Sunday: First time trying Durian and Mango dessert from Chomp Chomp.
(Side note: These are bomb!!)

14 January 2016, Thursday: Spending time with ZiYun and Gillian to Singapore Art Museum! 
(Side note: I actually have a lot of fun even though i can't understand some of the arts.)


5 February 2016, Friday: Went out with Sandra, Kimberly and Xin Yi. We ate a lot that day.

6 February 2016, Saturday: Went Chomp Chomp for the very first time with ZiYun and Gillian. Basically, we watch movie, eat ice cream, eat dinner and drink alcohol. 
(Side note: Still not into alcoholic drink.)

8 February 2016, Monday: Chinese New Year. The only exciting thing is Ang Bao. 


2 March 2016, Wednesday: Having lunch with Sandra.

3 March 2016, Thursday: First time trying Cream Cheese Tart from Treatsforjoy and it was so good!. I also did try the cheese tart from Orchard and was not bad as well.

4 March 2016, Friday: Having lunch with Sandra once again. 
(Side note: I guess you can tell by now that foods is a big part of my life.)

11 March 2016, Friday: Went for my job interview and having lunch with Li Wen.
(Side note: Look nice but actually doesn't taste good.)

Finally get to play Timezone after for years!!!

Also went to watched a movie.
I love how relaxing the movie is but at the same time, you learn something from it.
Love this quote from the movie
"If you only do what you can do, you will never be more than you are now." - Master Shifu

16 March 2016, Wednesday: Went out with Lingli, Gillian and ZiYun. First time trying Din Tai Fung and before that, we went to sing kbox!

This is my favourite dish so it have to be here.


3 April 2016, Sunday: Went out with sister and we bought a big tub of ice cream from Baskin Robbins and i finally bought clothes that i haven yet to wear except this one time which is the picture below. 

7 April 2016, Thursday: Hanging out with ZiYun, Gillian, Lena and Reichi.

16 April 2016, Saturday: Dyed my hair to dark brown because i want to go dark but have no courage to dye back to black hair. 

19 April 2016, Tuesday: First ever Zumba lesson with sister! Freaking good.

22 April 2016, Friday: Went to ZiYun house and slack with Gillian and Ziyun watching Deadpool movie.

25 April 2016, Monday: Having lunch with Sandra and Xin Yi at 18 chef.
(Side note: It's been a while since i last ate 18 chef.)


1 May 2016, Sunday: Went out with Sandra to buy present and shop!

2 May 2016, Monday: Went out with ZiYun to watch movie and first time trying croissants from Breadtalk.


4 June 2016, Saturday: Celebrating dad birthday in advance. This durian cake is bomb dot com.

14 June 2016, Tuesday: First time eating Genki Sushi with Li Wen! So far, Genki Sushi is the best sushi for now. 

16 June 2016, Thursday: Went out to do laboratory report with Sandra. Nothing interesting but because i love this photo i took it is. 

22 June 2016, Wednesday: Nothing interesting either and you guess it. I love this photo that i took so here it is. LOL. To be honest, I met up with Sandra, Kimberly and Xin Yi to do laboratory report and i remembered it took us so long to realised something which become an inner joke until this day. 

23 June 2016, Thursday: Having lunch with Lingli and ZiYun. Genki sushi again because why not.


4 July 2016, Monday: Remembered that i went back to school for project hence meeting up with Xin Yi, Kimberly and Sandra. But instead of focusing doing, we actually played games. Games were fun and i'm proud to figure it out the mystery. 

8 July 2016/ 22 July 2016, Friday: You can read the story here because i think is quite funny. I am proud to say that we actually won the competition of this project. 

15 July 2016, Friday: Went to Lego Exhibition at GCV. I am so impressed because i know nothing about lego. But, my brother is a pro at it. 

21 July 2016, Thursday: Have dinner with Kimberly, XinYi, Eileen and Sandra at Chomp Chomp!

30 July 2016, Saturday: My 19th Birthday. You can read the post here about 19 things i learnt by the age of 19. 
(Side note: I can't believe i'm going to be 20 in 2017....)


6 August 2016, Saturday: First time trying Burger up with Sandra.
(Side note: I'm obsessed of burger up.)

30 August 2016, Tuesday: Bought this book and it was the best book i ever read in 2016.


7 September 2016, Wednesday: Cut short my hair and went purple. I love it and deep down i know i will went back to purple hair one day. 

9 September 2016, Friday: I have dental appointment. I thought i will removed my wisdom tooth this year, but i guess not. 

16 September 2016, Friday: Have dinner with Gillian and ZiYun at Chili's and it was my first time eating there.

17 September 2016, Saturday: Family dinner.

19 September 2016, Monday: Went out with ZiYun, Gillian, Reichi and Lena. Was planning our staycation and also went to eat Yoogane which was so good.


10 October 2016/11 October 2016, Monday/Tuesday: Staycation with ZiYun, Gillian, Lena and Reichi. It was good!!! How i wish we stayed longer instead of only 2 days! I guess this was my highlight of 2016! Hahahahaha :D I freaking love it. And yes, we having steamboat!

25 October 2016, Tuesday: Genki Sushi with ZiYun! 

28 October 2016, Friday: Shave ice and KBBQ with Gillian and ZiYun! First time trying the shave ice from Ji De Chi and it was so damn good! Especially the durian one!


22 November 2016, Tuesday: Bought a new glasses and seriously, this is my favourite glasses out of all the glasses i have wore before. 

25 November 2016, Friday: Went out Black Friday shopping with sister.


9 December 2016/ 10 December 2016, Friday/ Saturday: Funny and gross story about my missing bracelets. You can read it here. It was actually sad because i love that bracelet but now i read back, i just laughed about it. 

12 December 2016, Monday: First time trying Makisan. No regret because it was delicious.

16 December 2016, Friday: Have lunch with Gillian and Ziyun and first time trying Tuk Tuk Cha.
I tried Thai Milk Tea, Thai Green Milk Tea and Matcha Latte. 
I can tell you that Thai Milk Tea and Thai Green Milk Tea taste different and it was not bad. Matcha Latte, i don't really like it because i can't really taste the coffee, but i can taste the milk. 

17 December 2016, Saturday: Dyed my hair to red. After it faded, i get so many compliment about my hair. This is the first time i get so many compliment about my hair to be honest and i was kind of shock. 

21 December 2016, Wednesday: Grandma Tang Yuan. 

23 December 2016, Friday: Met up with Sandra again to do laboratory report! I can't believe we did report twice in 2016.....Because i feel like the last time we did report was so long ago when in fact, it's not.

I wasn't kidding when i say i watched a lot of movies in 2016. The photos below is what i watched. 

The other highlight of 2016 is that i finally have 4G in my phone. It took me years to have it and is life changing. 
Forget to mention that the year of 2016, i am so into the drama called MoonLover: Scarlet Heart. Oh, and Got7 too. Their reality show "Hard Carry" is so funny to watch! 

I guess that's all for my 2016! 
I know 2016 is the year that a lot of people hate it because is a bad year for them.
For me, i think it went on pretty well even though i did have some bad days but it still went on alright and problems that already resolved. 

I low-key hope 2017 will be good to me.
Hahahaha :) 

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