Monday, January 2, 2017

Red Hair

Hello human! I am back! Welcome to my first 2017 blog post! I actually want to blog about this on last Wednesday but life gets in the way. I have been doing my project (aka laboratory report) this holiday and i finally finish it. I stayed up all night just to do it because i am more motivated at ungodly hours (aka midnight). Anyway, moving on~

On 17 December 2016, Saturday, i went to dye my hair again! I was trying to dye it for New Year but by the time you see this post, it's already faded back to brown. However, the top part of my hair (aka roots) was slightly reddish brown. I don't mind though, at least it looks nice in my opinion. 

So i dye the colour Rosso Red.

I actually really love the colour Light Warm Gold. But that needs to bleach my hair and i'm still not open to bleaching my hair as it's really damaging. 

Here is my sister's hair. 
She dyed purple hair with green and blue highlight. 
However, her purple didn't really show. 
Remember that time i dye my hair purple and its vibrant?
I have no idea why hers didn't show up. I guess different hair different result.

And here is my faded red. 
It looks like pink!! 
After this phrase, it faded into a kind of pinkish brown which look nice too.

Since now i have brown hair, i actually thinking of what colour i want to dye next. 
Anyway, that's all for this post :)

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