Sunday, March 12, 2017


Hello everyone! Since i blogged about January in my previous post, i figured out that i should blogged about February as well. 

2 February 2017, Thursday
Saw RuiMin on the way back home from school. Nothing much happened but i want to include that in because it's been a long time since i last saw her and she didn't change much. We chat a little until i reached my destination. Honestly, i really missed those time in band with seniors.

4 February 2017, Saturday

Did not really do anything productive except working out. 

5 February 2017, Sunday
If you know me, you know i'm a night owl and definitely not an early bird. But, i made an effort to wake up early because i am meeting a buyer that want to buy my Maths book on Carousell. Then i waited her for 30 minutes and she did not come. No worry, in the end she did contacted me feeling apologetic and said that her phone was on silent because she went to church. Things work out after that and i successfully sold my book. 

6 February 2017, Monday

I have Mammalian Cell Technology (MCT) hands on practical test that day. However, i went to Tampines first to meet another buyer that want to buy my seashells on Carousell. Luckily the transaction went smoothly because i have MCT practical later on as i mention earlier. Things went on smoothly and it was awesome. 

8 February 2017, Wednesday

We have a tutorial in the early morning. After that we have 3 hours break then we have Applied Microbiology (Amic) laboratory session. So during the 3 hours break, we went to celebrate Sandra birthday by having Korean BBQ! And by "we" i mean Sandra, Kimberly, Eileen and Xin Yi. After that, i'm having Genki Sushi with my sister for dinner. :) 

9 February 2017, Thursday

I have Molecular Biology (Mbio) hands on practical test. Things went smoothly as well. Went to bought coconut ice cream since we have a long break and it was good! 

10 February 2017, Friday
I have Career Communication (CCom) interview test. It was really scary but teacher said i improve from the practice session. So i's good. 

11 February 2017, Saturday
I have learnt that karma exist. Once you let go of something such as hatred, karma will do it for you. It just crazy how sudden it is and how severe it is...

15 February 2017, Wednesday 
Have Mbio term test.

16 February 2017, Thursday 

Went to bought Starbucks drinks aka iced white chocolate mocha and caramel macchiato and also bought Makisan. I swear Makisan is my new favourite sushi! 

17 February 2017, Friday
Have MCT term test.

20 February 2017, Monday / 23 February 2017, Thursday
Have Analytical Biochemistry (Abchm) and Amic term test.

21/22 February 2017, Tuesday/Wednesday
I feel so ill that day. I didn't slept until like about 5am on Wednesday. Most likely i ate too full or what.....that i have heartburn. I'm not even that sure if is heartburn.....but i guess so. My hands and legs went cold. I feel so horrible. Finally i vomited and only acid come out. Then....i feel better. The feeling was like.....Something went up to your throat (most probably acid) then went back down....I scared my mum because she thought i was going to faint anytime which is kind of true. I did felt breathless. Then on Wednesday afternoon, brother scared my mum once again. Brother dislocate his knee again and this time round it was more severe and needed surgery.

27 February 2017, Monday

It was my Abchm report deadline so i went to school to submit my report. Then, i'm meeting my friends to do Amic project. I was worried the whole time because it was my brother first surgery and first time he went under anaesthesia. Luckily, everything is fine. 

28 February 2017, Tuesday

Brother only stayed one night at the hospital hence he discharged on the 28. Sister bought him Snorlax macaroon which was extremely adorable. 

That's all for my February :)
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