Sunday, March 5, 2017


Hello everyone! I know it's been quite a while since i last blogged. Time flies by so fast and now it's the beginning of March already. School break has began and then i will be in year 3!! I really can't wait to graduate and hopefully i'm able to graduate successfully. Then again, i am quite lost because i have no idea what to do with my life after poly.... Anyway, here is an update of what happened in January. Pretty much nothing interesting nor exciting but i just want to update this little space of mine.

3 January 2017, Tuesday

School reopen and home girl is not excited at all. According to dayre, home girl did not sleep until around 4am. Wow, as you can tell my sleeping schedule is pretty messed up during the holiday. Sister finally come back from Taiwan and bought me 2 keychains and macaroon. Also, first time tried Makisan and i'm loving it.

4 January 2017, Wednesday

Fast forward to night time. Thursday is the deadline of one of my report. Sandra and i actually finished the whole thing but i was so anal about the format and sequence that i keep readjusting and changing until 4am+.....

5 January 2017, Thursday

I have 5 hours of lecture straight. One of the 2 hours lecture, we watched a movie called Contagion. It was a nice movie and surprisingly is the kind of movie that i will want to watched. After that, I have 2 hours breaks so i and my friends went to see the open house booth. Our booth is so empty because beside us is vet technology and biomedical science....Anyway, i went to see the pets and it broke my heart because they looked so tired. Oh, and finally passed up the burden report!

6 January 2017, Friday

I volunteered for open house and my shift is from 2pm to 6pm. According to dayre, i was really tired.  I was not good at talking hence i in charge of the strawberry DNA extraction and explaining to them and teach them how to do the experiment. I was also worried about Saturday because it will be even more stressful talking to parents. I remembered being really happy petting all the animals beside us. There are dogs, hamsters, rabbits, birds and cats. Moving on~ Reached home and realised that dad bought my favourite papaya milk juice. I felt so warm on the inside. It was so nice that someone is thinking of you when buying something.

7 January 2017, Saturday

This time round, my open house shift is 9:30am to 1pm. I and my friends actually reached earlier so we can carried the essential apparatus down the booth from laboratory. The place was silent until about 11am. Once again, i went and pet all the animals. Somehow i feel like a betrayer of my own course. Hahahaha :D Also, i finally sold my psychology and sociology books. The person that bought the sociology book is also from science course! I actually have a chat with her and i find it funny how thing works sometime.

10 January 2017, Tuesday

I went back to school for one of my project meeting. We need to find books because we need some references and ideas. It was the second week and that week is e-learning week....... I know i can't wait to go home.

13 January 2017, Friday

I went out with Sandra to shop for our presentation clothes. Nothing much happened.

16 January 2017, Monday

Our class attended a talk called A Journey into Drugs and Disease because one of the teacher volunteer our class. Surprisingly, most of them went to that talk. I remembered the talk was very boring and the only topic that caught my attention is when she talking about urinary tract. Also, because of that talk, we ended up going home late.

24, 25 and 26 January 2017, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

I have tests on these days. Sometime i wondered who the hell actually schedule tests before Chinese New Year. However, i rather before Chinese New Year than after Chinese New Year. On Thursday, i plant some strawberry seed from this planting tool. It was like a mini experiment and i love it.

28 January 2017, Saturday

PS: Not my mirror.

Love my lip in this picture :)

Chinese New Year!!!~ Nope, actually i was not excited at all. Totally have no Chinese New Year feel. I guessed the older you are, the lesser you care about this thing. I wore navy blue flannel and black pant this year. Also, i wore my glasses and put on dark lip colour. Can you believe that most of my relative can't recognise me? They recognise me before and i was kind of shock because i don't think i change much in a year. Anyway here is a short story time for you guys. So i rarely called aunt and uncle name for years already (my dad side) because there were so many of them that i can't recognise them. Moreover, i only see them once a year so.....You know what i mean. But, i did shake hands and said Happy New Year out of politeness. Then there was this aunt looked at me and said why you never call me? Luckily my mum was behind her and mouth to me that she is my fifth aunt. Thanks mum! I will admit that i have a poor memory or maybe i am eliminating people in my life....

29 January 2017, Sunday

Since it was still Chinese New Year, there were people coming to our house and the house was super noisy. I remembered feeling so frustrated that i almost want to breakdown and cry because i cannot concentrate doing my project and homework. This made me think who the hell put project deadline after Chinese New To be honest, too many people around and super noisy just drain my energy and i feel so exhausted.

31 January 2017, Tuesday

Decided to go watch a movie with ZiYun and Gillian but the plan did not work out because Gillian have something on. So went to bought lunch with ZiYun and then have dinner with ZiYun as well. Genki Sushi for dinner is life. Genki Sushi is so good that i highly recommend everyone to try. If you did not try, you are seriously missing out good food.

I guess that conclude my January. I should seriously made a series of this kind of post. Like you know.....At the end of the month, create a post to reflect back and see what i did...

Hopefully i will be back soon! Bye!

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