Saturday, April 22, 2017


Hello everyone! Since my school is starting real soon, it's time to update about March. :D Can't believe i'm a year 3 student already.....

1 March 2017, Wednesday / 3 March 2017, Friday

Went back to school despite holiday have officially begun because we still need to complete Applied Microbiology (Amic) project. I remembered on Friday, it rains heavily! My pant was wet! But it's okay, i ended up eating breakfast with Sandra and Xin Yi! :)

2 March 2017, Thursday
I went back to school to listen oversea internship programme (OSIP) talk. Also, to collect our exam papers result. For the OSIP talk, i thought i will get more information about the experiment they did and what they learnt. However, the student talks more about the fun stuffs like where to shop and where to eat, which i don't really find it important. 

7 March 2017, Tuesday

My dad accompanies me to the clinic as i need to have hepatitis B vaccine injection for my course that i will be studying in year 3. Ended up, i need to draw blood instead, to check if i need it because i did inject hepatitis B vaccine in the past. Hence, this was the first time drawing blood. The doctor firstly draws blood on my left arm, but for some reason, there's not enough blood. Hence, i need to draw blood on my right arm. I freaking draw blood twice in a day!!! Surprisingly, it was not that painful. I still can have a proper conversation with the doctor while she helps me to draw blood. She said my vein is really small that she need to use the smallest needle. Most probably because i was nervous as well, so my small vein constricted and become even smaller that resulted no blood on my left arm. 

8 March 2017, Wednesday

Decided to paint since it's been like 5 years since i touched paintbrush. I'm not good at painting. Normally i draw, shade and colour. I draw and colour more in April which i will update that once April month is over. Mostly copied and inspired by Pinterest.

17 March 2017, Friday
My dad accompanies me to the clinic once again to take my report. Luckily, i do not need hepatitis B vaccine injection. 

24 March 2017, Friday
I was bored at home so decided to learn a few Hangul. It was so hard. Still, i think is easier than Japanese. 

28 March 2017, Tuesday
Result out so decided to pack up all the school stuffs. My room is still a mess though.... No matter how i packed.

That's all for my March! 
I will see you soon when i'm free. 
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