Saturday, May 20, 2017


Hello human! It's time to update about the month of April! :D

7 April 2017, Friday

Finally went out with ZiYun and Gillian to watch Beauty and the Beast movie! :D Oh my god, the movie was freaking awesome! It was so good!!!! I love the fact that it was kind of musical where they kept singing and involve a little bit of dancing as well! After finished watching the movie, only 1 word can describe the movie, which is beautiful. To the people that have yet to watch, go watch it. You will never regret, trust me! I literally cry while watching it because some parts is so touching and honestly, you will learn about love. 

Anyway, before all that magical thing happens, there was a little mishap for me before i head out. My shoes, spoiled 2 times that day. So i went back home 3 times just to change my shoes. My shoes literally died on me the minute i went downstairs to meet ZiYun. Ended up, i wore sport shoes instead because i know that won't die on me. Poor ZiYun witness the whole thing and have to wait for me extra long. Ended up we can't go anywhere far to watch movie so instead we went somewhere nearer to us. Then, we have Astons for dinner and then later on, we went to Nana's Green Tea for matcha latte. I actually preferred Tsujiri drink options over Nana's Green Tea drink options. 

10 April 2017, Monday
Went to find my mum and have dinner together :D. This salted egg yolk shrimps are so good!

14 April 2017, Friday

Finally met up with Lena, ReiChi, ZiYun and Gillian to have dinner together. Went to Clark Quay and i swear every time i went out with them, funny things happened. So we took MRT to Clark Quay. Then, we realised the place we need to go even though it was located at Clark Quay, we still need to take a bus. So we took the bus and realised the place was literally outside Clark Quay MRT and was at the opposite. So yeah, we took a bus for nothing. I literally can hear my heart breaking because adult fare is not cheap. Anyway, we cross the road and eat at Daejon House. Then we start to catch up while eating. Their kimchi pancake is the bomb!!!! If you went there, you have to order kimchi pancake! So i remembered we kept laughing and laughing. After eating, we need to cross the road again to go Clark Quay central and ReiChi almost cross the wrong way! But i can't blame her because the green light does look like you can cross. But in fact, the road you only can cross one way. So when she crosses the wrong way, we all scream her name as the green light in that way is indicate cars can move and not human. Luckily she only walks a few steps. Oh my god, i almost have a mini heart attack. Then they went and bought ice cream at Azabu Sabo Hokkaido Ice Cream and their ice cream was good. So we find a spot, sit down and chat again. After that, we went to shop for glasses at Owndays. Basically just test a different bunch of glasses and sunglasses for fun. I actually saw a sunglasses i like.....So maybe i will buy that in the near future. Then later on home sweet home as it was quite late already.

21 April 2017, Friday

Went out with ZiYun and Gillian again because school is starting soon so we want to enjoy while it last. So we went to Bugis, as i want to shop for clothes and laptop cover. Ended up, i only bought pant. Literally, i walk the whole day and i only bought a pant. Finally, i convinced myself to buy the knee slit high waisted pant from Topshop. I am literally contemplating that for months. I also went to the temple and pray. Then we went to eat steamboat at Suki-ya. The best thing about that steamboat is the cheese balls. After that, bought food for my family and head home!

Here are the photos and videos i supposed to put in the last post but forgotten. Here is Kimberly, Sandra, XinYi and me :D Eileen was not in the photo because she have work that day.

Here is some random sketch that i draw while looking at pinterest!

Sister also bought cupcakes and tart from Plain Vanilla Bakery :)
To be honest, the chocolate tart is good! That's my favourite!

That's all for the month of April :D 
See you in May!
Hopefully soon. 

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