Saturday, July 22, 2017


Hello everyone! Here is another monthly overview of May :D I feel like i have been saying the same thing but it's really been a while since i last blogged. Really been a while....A long while. I have finally finish my exams so here i am blogging.

11 May 2017, Thursday
This is the day that my Taobao stuffs arrived! I have been shopping at Taobao and bought tons of clothes and shoes. Actually wanted to do a haul blog post but decided to drop that ideas because let's be honest, Fann is extremely lazy. But basically i wore all clothes and shoes that i bought. So far so good! Most of the stuffs i bought is out of stock right now so i didn't bother to link it. Sorry!

12 May 2017, Friday

Went to have dinner with ZiYun and Gillian! As per usual, having Korean bbq.

13 May 2017, Saturday
Woke up super early in the morning because i have to collect my passport. Luckily, my sister and her boyfriend accompany me so you know.....feel less lonely. After that, we went to eat lunch and shop at Bugis. Also, went to pray as well.

20 May 2017, Saturday

Went out with Li Wen to sing karaoke at Bugis. It's been almost a year and finally we met and catch up. Finally able to try the churro at Churro101. Normally i always walk past but never try. Try it because Li Wen tempted me. She was like you sure you really don't want?! So i gave in and bought one for myself. No regret. It was actually pretty good with the chocolate filling. 

More photos:

Grace and me :)


With brother! I remember going out with family to eat Genki Sushi for dinner and then went to Ji De Chi for dessert!

So that's all for the month of May :D Stay tuned for the next blog post because it will be about my Thailand trip or maybe the month of June! :D Bye :D

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