Monday, September 25, 2017


Welcome to the month of June overview! :D I know i didn't blog for more than 2 months!!! I haven't been feeling myself lately as I was feeling really unmotivated about everything and i keep procrastinating. I have been writing this post a few months back and for some reasons it was still in my draft. Hence, posting this today. 

4 June 2017, Sunday

I have a hair appointment! As per usual, i went with my mum and sister. So i cut my hair short....until collarbone and i also cut bang. I also do hair treatment that has grey dye in it so my hair is like brown but a bit grey. Of course by the time you read this the grey dye is already washed out. But my hair is still soft as hell. My hair was probably the healthiest they have ever been. It makes me don't want to damage my hair anymore aka dyeing my hair because it was freaking smooth and soft like i can brush through it! By the way, mum and sister have similar hairstyle as i am except the fringe. (By the time you read this post, my hair has already grown out and does not look like this anymore!)

After the hair appointment, we went to eat roti prata for dinner. 

10 June 2017 - 15 June 2017, Saturday - Thursday
Thailand trip!!!! It was my first time visiting Thailand and also the first time going oversea with my family. Hopefully, i will publish the Thailand post soon because there's way too many photos. It takes time to edit and upload!!!

16 June 2017, Friday
So, back from Thailand, i was busy as heck. To be honest, once i got off the plane, i immediately rushed home to complete my LEAP reflection that's due on the 16th June. But it was a good busy kind of day and i'm not complaining. Early in the morning, I have an internship interview with A Star. That went well in my opinion. (Hi, future Fann editing this blog post right now. The interview went awesome because i got in :D. As for the LEAP reflection, i rush for nothing because teacher gives wrong deadline. Anyway, still glad that i complete it early and get it out of my way.)

Here are some of my doodles once again. The drawing was from Pinterest and i just simply follow it. 

That's all for the month of June! Bye!

PS: Honestly speaking, i have no idea when i will be posting on this blog again. I am trying to find back my motivation that i used to have. 

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