Monday, October 2, 2017


Hello everyone! I decided to blog and try to be consistent this time round. In the mean time, i'm still editing the Thailand trip photos. Anyway, here is my July overview.

3 July 2017, Monday

I can't remember what happens that day because it's been like.....3 months and i don't have a good memory. I only remember i went to find my mum and brother, then we were eating dinner together. 

6 July 2017, Thursday

I went out with Zi Yun and Gillian, basically wanted to go shopping. But then, we ended up watching Spiderman: Homecoming movie because we are spontaneous like that. Then, we went to eat ramen at Haji Lane, which Gillian recommended to us. If i'm not wrong, the shop name is The Ramen Stall. It was good. Especially the egg, it was amazing. Their marinating sauce on the egg is freaking good.  

11 July 2017, Tuesday

School ended early, hence we decided to go out and eat lunch together. By we, i mean Xin Yi and Eileen. First time trying Monster Curry and it was good. I really love their fish. As for their dessert, i was not that impress though. 

27 July 2017, Thursday

Going back to school for Pre-SIP talk was quite boring as you can tell because i started to scroll through Pinterest and find inspiration to draw. Fun fact, if you didn't know, my favourite K-pop boy group is Got7. Yup, hi fellow igot7/ahgases, please welcome me into the fandom. Hahahaha!! :D Talking about Got7, i can't wait for their new songs!!!!! Their teasers are slowly killing me piece by piece. Anyway, that creamy carbonara was bought in the school canteen. I was pretty surprise at the presentation and how they garnish it. But, i got sick after finish eating it though..... Half way through the second talk, i was telling Zi Yun how unwell i am. I even call my dad to fetch me home because i physically and mentally cannot take it. 

28 July 2017, Friday

After the third day of Pre-SIP talk, went to eat Genki Sushi with Gillian and Zi Yun. It was amazing. I love sushi. Like literally love. After eating, we shop and walk around before going home. 

29 July 2017, Saturday

Went out with Sandra and Xin Yi because we figured out we should meet and enjoy ourselves before internship start. The funny thing is we actually intern at the same place so i literally see them almost everyday which is a good thing. Went to eat Monster Curry again because i am obsessed. After that, we went to k-box and scream into the mic. Then, Sandra surprise us with chocolate and chocolate cake!! Then yeah, celebrate my birthday early as well :D Thanks guys, i really appreciate it!

30 July 2017, Sunday

Officially hitting the big 2! Parents actually bought iPhone 7 plus for my birthday and also because i need it as my phone die on me. What a good timing right? Hahahaha! My phone, i have been using for more than god knows how many years.... So i guess it really times to change. Anyway, i have my Chocolate Origin chocolate cake and.......Gillian and Zi Yun literally surprise me with cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes!!! First time people surprise me at my doorstep! Guys, i just want to say thank you and i really appreciate and grateful to have you guys in my life. Cheers to our almost 8 year friendship and more to come.

31 July 2017, Monday

Internship officially starts. 

So that's all for my July overview. See you guys soon. Bye! :D

PS: Some random thought.

I feel like it's been a long time since i cut my hair and i feel like i should go back to this hairstyle. But at the same time, i feel like growing out my hair......Hahahaha! 

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