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Hello everyone! Here is my September overview. :) Warning, filled with food photos once again.

5 September 2017, Tuesday

Sandra, Xin Yi and i went to Saizeriya to have dinner together after work. This is what we ordered.

Bacon and Mushroom Risotto.
This is my favourite dish. 
Every time i went Saizeriya, i will order this.

Chicken Britto. 
Sandra ordered this, so i have no idea if it's delicious.

Seafood Divine Pizza.
This is honestly not bad. 
I actually like how the crust is thin.

Salmon Doria.
Xin Yi ordered this. 
At first i thought they will give less salmon. 
But as you can see from the photo above, they give quite a lot.

Truffle Ice-cream.
I love this dessert.
 I find that it was not that sweet which i like as i get older...Hahahahaha :)

6 September 2017, Wednesday

Sandra, Xin Yi and I went to eat at Omoomodon. Omoomodon basically is a Korean-Japanese fusion food stall. 

I have no idea what this dish is. It was probably called "Spichi".
Don't quote me on that.
Sandra ordered this and honestly, i think it was not that bad.
But, i think it can be better.

Xin Yi ordered this dish called "Ji-Ji Don".
Side dish is Spicy Tofu.
I find this name so cute though. 
I honestly think this dish is worth to try and it was not that expensive as well. 

This dish called "Bird's Nest".
Side dish is Fried Ebi.
The drink is Ice Lemon Tea.
I love this dish and think is worth to try.

After that, we decided to go to J-mart and bought dessert.
Me and Xin Yi shared this Matcha Ice Cream with Red Bean and Rice Ball.
I freaking love this ice cream that the next day i bought 5 of this home so i can eat at home and share it with my family.
This ice cream is not that sweet which up my alley.

8 September 2017, Friday

After work, i met up with Gillian and Zi Yun and have dinner at Pizza hut together. 

Turkey Bacon Carbonara.
I will say this is not bad.

Coffee bean, Iced Caramel Macchiato.
Ice Caramel Macchiato is mostly my go to if i want to drink coffee because it was not too sweet, but still have a little sweetness in it from the caramel. 
Anyway, after dinner we decided to chat at Coffee bean.
I can't remember what i said, but sometimes i talk with hand gesture and i accidentally knock this drink over. 
It was all over Gillian clothes, shoes, our wallet and handphone.
Gillian if you ever read this, i am so sorry. 
Luckily, we laughed it off and our handphone is fine.

9 September 2017, Saturday

I went out with my brother and i brought him to Miam Miam and have brunch together.


Hot chocolate and Hot Matcha.
I didn't try the hot chocolate so i can't say much, but according to my brother, he says is really good. As for the hot matcha, i was not a fan because it was totally bitter. I should have ordered hot matcha latte instead of this, but it's okay.

Glazed Teriyaki Chicken Miam Donburi.
My brother ordered this and he says it was nice.
I tried the chicken and i find it not bad.

Mentaiko King Crab Seafood Brunch.
I have to say that this dish is really expensive.
But, i love it.
I will definitely buy this again once in a blue moon because i can't afford to eat this everyday.

Then, we travelled to another place to eat our Baskin Robbins ice cream.
This is my favourite brand of ice cream.
We ordered Cotton Candy and Peanut Butter Chocolate which is our favourite.

Bake Cheese Tarts.
It's been a while since i eat this so i bought it.
Recently recommended this to Sandra and she loves it.
It was worth to try even though i find it quite expensive.

Another drawing of Beauty and the beast. 
Inspired from Pinterest.

11 September 2017, Monday

Went to have dinner with Sandra at Nando's. 

Sandra ordered Pineapple Lemonade....
I think that's the drink name.
Not too sure. 
Honestly, i don't feel the drink is any special.

I ordered their Fried Rice i think.
Sorry, i can't really remember.
I will say the portion is big and is nice.
It was not like the normal fried rice we ate, these have a bit of sourness to it.

Grilled Chicken Breast Strips, Portuguese Rice and Potato Wedges.
Sandra ordered this and say it was not bad.
I only ate their potato wedges and it was good.

12 September 2017, Tuesday

I bought Fried Rice on my way home at Kopitiam as i didn't go to eat dinner with Sandra and Xin Yi.
I love how this fried rice has garlic in it.

16 September 2017, Saturday

Here is my breakfast for a typical Saturday morning.....or i should say early afternoon.

Mashed Potato with Sour Cream and Croutons.
This is seriously nice.
I was pretty impressed.

Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Cookies and Matcha Latte.
Honestly, perfect combination.

I know i say this before, but i will say this again.
I love this Matcha Latte.

17 September 2017, Sunday

Finally went out with my family to have dinner together at Dian Xiao Er.

I really recommend their signature duck dish because their herbal sauce is the bomb.
Their fried rice is good too!!

18 September 2017, Monday

I went to have lunch by myself because i was craving for Saizeriya Risotto. Don't be alarmed! I normally eat lunch by myself during work because all my friends have different break time as me. Our break time is depends on our experiment hence, changes every time and it was really difficult to meet up. Also, i always brought my own lunch so no point going out too. It's only some rare day that i decided to step out of my work place and see the daylight.

 Bacon and Mushroom Risotto.....again

Personally find that the coffee flavour or i should not that strong so i was not a fan.

20 September 2017, Wednesday

Went to buy Big Fried Fish Curry from Monster Curry for dinner as i was craving for it.

It was my mum birthday as well. Hence, we are celebrating.
Sister bought this Chocolate Cake from Chateraise.
Chateraise is a brand that Sandra recommended to me and i personally tried it before and i really love their cakes.
Therefore, i asked my sister to go there and buy.
As i said before, their cake is not that sweet which our family loves.

21 September 2017, Thursday

Something Giovinna and i will do after we finish our experiment.

22 September 2017, Friday

I went back to school because we have our first campus discussion. Zi Yun and I meet up for breakfast because i have been craving for McDonald breakfast.

The campus discussion went well. After that, I went home to chill for a while before heading back to work because we have some result that need to be read. 

23 September 2017, Saturday

Early in the morning, dad accompanies me to go for a health checkup because recently i have some symptoms and my mum is really worried despite me telling her that i was perfectly fine.

After the check up, after the doctor took my blood, i have breakfast with my dad.

25 September 2017, Monday

Went to have lunch by myself again at Saizeriya. 

By now you should be able to tell my favourite spaghetti dish is Carbonara.
However, Saizeriya Carbonara is not that good.

Panna Cotta.
This dessert is not bad. However, i find it a bit sweet and when i keep eating it.....I get a bit sick of it.

The thing Giovinna and i do after experiment finish.

Then came dinner time. Sandra and i went to eat at Wrap and Roll. Initially we went in because we want to try dishes that is under the student price....However, nothing appeal to us so....We tried other dishes instead.

Grilled Chicken with Garlic Rice.
This is what Sandra ordered. I did try and it was good!

Vietnamese Claypot Chicken Rice.
I love this dish. It smells freaking good and taste good.
I love the sauce as well.

26 September 2017, Tuesday

Sandra and I went to Yomenya Goemon for dinner.

Spaghetti carbonara.
Sandra ordered this and she finds that Miam Miam one is better because it has more sauce.
But, i find this one nicer because it tastes better.
I guess this is just personal preference.

Wedges with Mentaiko Mayonnaise.
This is good. I really love the sauce.

 Omu Souffle Tomato Cream Risotto.
I love risotto so i have to order this.
The souffle really surprises me because it was huge. 
Overall, this is not bad, but you will get sick of it if eaten too much.

Chocolate Fondant with Vanilla and Strawberry Ice Cream.
This is good!
I mean....This dessert will not go wrong.

27 September 2017, Wednesday

Went to have McDonald breakfast again.

Then, i remember i bought a chicken hamburger for dinner, but i can't remember the stall..... I think it was from Popeyes....And....I finally watch the movie "IT". So we watch at The Cathay and this guy that selling the ticket to us is super cute. Oh my God....

Anyway, i find the movie nice. I quite like the plot.
 Will rate it....4/5.

At the same time, i also watched The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2. 
I will rate those 4/5 as well.

29 September 2017, Friday

Went to eat lunch by myself again.

Yomenya Goemon, Spaghetti Carbonara.
This time round i ordered Carbonara because that time i tried Sandra one and i just love it.

After that, went to eat dinner with Zi Yun and Gillian at Omoomodon.
I ordered the usual, Bird's Nest.
Kind of happy that day because i saw a lot of cute guys.
The one working at Yomenya Goemon and the flyer guys.
I heard from Zi Yun that Omoomodon got one cute guy working there, but unfortunately, we didn't get to see him that day. 
Well...It's okay! At least i get to see the other 2.
Mind you, it's hard for me to say a guy is cute, so......yup.

30 September 2017, Saturday

Early morning, went to get my health checkup report with my mum. Everything is fine. I am real healthy for now. Then, of course, have breakfast together at Kopitiam.

My usual breakfast. Toast and eggs.

Wanton Mee.

That's all for this post. Bye!

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