Sunday, February 4, 2018

Life Update: What's next?

Hello human!! It's been so long since i last blogged. It seems like i always talk about the same thing about not blogging for a long time. Yeah.... It's been a while....Let me update you what's been going on with my life. I am currently in my final year of Polytechnic journey. Time surely flew by...really fast. I am so done with my Polytechnic life so, i can't wait to graduate and get over it. I'm left with major project report, logbook and presentation and then, i'm done! Now, the question is "what's next?" 

To be honest, i don't know. I am so lost. Staring at my current GPA, going into university is kind of like....Out of the window. The thing is...I'm not even sad or regret about it. I really don't want to study anymore but then that means job opportunities for me will be decreasing because most job want at least a degree. Again, talking about job....I don't even know what job i'm interested in. Do i still want to stay in the science industry or should i try something new and get out of it? I don't know and i'm really confused and lost. Thinking about this really stressing me out. 

I did talk to my parents about it and they are really chill about it. Hahahahaha!! They told me not to stress and just do whatever job to earn some skills. I keep telling myself that i'm not alone even though i feel like people around me already know what they want in life and know what to do in life.....Also keep telling myself that now is the time to explore since i have nothing to lose....But i just can't help it and feel really lost. 

Just want to blog about how i feel about life right now and hopefully if anyone out there is feeling the same way as i do.....Remember that you are not alone and we all can get through this. 

PS: Got7 announce that they will be in Singapore for World Tour!! Guess who's gonna go this time round? Me! Hahahaha!! Hopefully i can get the ticket! Probably the best news i have ever heard for a while. 

PSS: I forget how much i miss blogging until now. Will be back soon...Hopefully.

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