Tuesday, November 6, 2018

You Can Find Me There! (Youtube, Amino and Instagram)

Hello! Oh my god! It's been so long since i last blogged! Hahahahaha!!! I am honestly so busy right now that in order to focus on work and other stuffs, i have to shift my priority now. There are so many things i need to catch up with you guys but sadly, blogging is not on my priority list now. This does not mean that i give up blogging! It just mean that i will blog less nowadays. I will try to catch up with you guys about my life, slowly but surely. 

To the readers that actually stick by with me and read my cancerous English blog, i really appreciate it! Even though i did not actively blog anymore, i was active on other social media sites! And....... You can find me there!

I am currently active on Youtube. Yes, i have a Youtube account. My videos on my channel is mostly song covers because i really enjoy music and i love to sing. So here is my Youtube Link

I am also very active on an app called Amino. Mostly active on GOT7 Amino. Yes, i am back to my fangirling phrase. Just when i thought that phrase of mine is long gone.....But it comes back stronger than ever. If you are fellow IGOT7/Ahgase (GOT7 fandom name) or love GOT7 as much as i do, you can find me there. My name on Amino is called "Fann Ong". 

I mostly repost other blogs that i find it interesting. I also tend to post my arts and edits of the members. Sometime i will post about GOT7 updates and participate on challenges that are created by the curators and leaders of GOT7. 

I also created a new Instagram account that's dedicated to my arts, dance and song covers. Fangirling too......actually hahahaha!! :)
Feel free to follow me @fannofeverythinggg

Not going to lie, my public/private Instagram and Twitter are dying. I didn't updates as much anymore. New accounts, new beginning. Hopefully i can keep up with it. 

Until next time, Bye!~

Saturday, July 28, 2018


Hello! I'm back again blogging about last year November!!!

1 November 2017, Wednesday

For dinner, i went out with Sandra and have dinner together at Tai Lei Loi Kei 澳门大利来记猪扒包.

This is some of their menu.

Yuan Yuang Coffee.
Basically, this is coffee mixed with tea. 
Surprisingly, this taste good.

Chicken, egg and noodle?
I have no idea what this is called.

Cheese Baked White Sauce Pork Chop Spaghetti.

Then my sister finally come back home from Korea and bought tons of makeup and snacks.

Banana milk.
This taste good too.

Some makeup.

Some snacks.

2 November 2017, Thursday

Went to have breakfast with Giovinna at Squeezed!

We ordered waffles with ice cream.
The waffle was made with buttermilk so that's a plus.
The ice cream was just normal vanilla ice cream.
So far, this taste amazing but the price......is too expensive for this.

After that, went to eat at Dian Xiao Er with Sandra for dinner.

Egg with prawn.

Fried rice. 
Their fried rice is the bomb!

3 November 2017, Friday

Giovinna brought IRVINS salted egg potato chips which taste so good.

Then after that, we went down to eat at Petra.

Hot Chocolate.

Hot Chocolate and Tiramisu. 
I just want to say that the Hot Chocolate was amazing.
Tiramisu was not bad.

Mac and Cheese.
This taste not bad too.

Then, work end early because the laboratory ventilation thingy suddenly did not work.
While eating my Mac and Cheese, i was waiting for Xin Yi so we can go eat Haagen Dazs together because they have buy 1 share 1 promotion going on. 

If i'm not wrong,  Xin Yi ordered Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream and Raspberry Sorbet.

I ordered Oreo Ice Cream and Caramel Ice Cream.
So far, i still love Baskin Robbins ice cream.

4 November 2017, Saturday

Went out with ZiYun to watch Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok. 


I really love Thor.
I will rate this movie 4.5/5

We also went to eat Genki Sushi!

My usual dishes.

Went back home, my dad brought back some foods.
I think this is from Starbucks.

White Chocolate Eclair.
This taste extremely good....and really sweet.

Mac and Cheese pie.
This taste not bad too.

5 November 2017, Sunday

I don't know what happened but i remember eating Tau Suan since i have a picture of my Tau Suan....

6 November 2017, Monday

After work, went to eat KFC with mum and brother.

8 November 2017, Wednesday

My sister actually bought me this spicy cheese noodle from Korea.

And yes, i finish it!

9 November 2017, Thursday

My sister bought cake from Ah Mah Homemade Sponge Cake.

Chocolate Cake.

Cheese Cake.

10 November 2017, Friday

Went out to eat Lunch with Samantha, Giovinna and Qiu Ying at The Manhattan Fish Market.

It looks good but unfortunately, it doesn't taste that good.

But, this chocolate cake is bomb.

11 November 2017, Saturday

Went out with Sandra and we went to eat MacDonald breakfast.
After breakfast, she teaches me something related to bank because i have some issue with it.

Honestly, i wear this outfit so many times because i have no clothes.

MacDonald breakfast!

Bought tarts from Chateraise.
Cheese Tarts, Matcha Tarts and Chocolate Tarts.
I love all of them.
Chateraise probably is my favourite bakery shop.

12 November 2017, Sunday

My family and i went to uncle housewarming party.



Some of the views.

13 November 2017, Monday

During work, i heard that there are free popcorn and ice cream, so i went down and take it.

Samantha also bought Chocolate for me and Giovinna when she is back from oversea.

14 November 2017, Tuesday 

Saw on the internet that Costa Coffee have 1 for 1 promotion. 
So, Giovinna and I decided to go and buy it since our workplace is near Costa Coffee.

We bought Double Chocolate Cookie Mocha.
It was the most horrible drink ever. 
No joke.
I brought it back home thinking that maybe my dad will like it.....and will drink it...
But, nope.
My dad only have 1 sip and it sits in my fridge for like.....a week.
That really said a lot because my dad drink everything....
Anyway, that was like my last time buying anything from Costa Coffee.
Maybe, only this drink taste horrible. 
One day, i might try other drink.
A drink taste bad doesn't mean that all drink in that cafe taste bad.

16 November 2017, Thursday

Went to eat MacDonald breakfast with Giovinna.

17 November 2017, Friday

Went to eat breakfast with Giovinna and Qiu Ying at Singapore Polytechnic.

End up eating chicken rice but damn, is cheap and good.

Also ordered waffle with ice cream.
It tastes not bad.
Wasn't expecting much since is cheap. 

My dinner was Siew Mai.
This tastes bomb.
I really need to ask my mum what Siew Mai brand this is.
Because it really taste so good.

18 November 2017, Saturday

Went out with my mum to eat breakfast.
I didn't take any picture of my foods but i want to share some fluff pictures.

This is so cute!!!!!!!!
If i'm not wrong, this breed is Chow Chow.

19 November 2017, Sunday

Went to have a consultation regarding about hair removal.

 Most likely i will blog about my experience in another post.

Then later on, i went to watch a movie with my family.
Actually.... I can't remember i watch movie first or having consultation first. LOL.
Anyway, we watched Ah Boys to Men 4.

Good movie i should say.
I will rate it 4.5/5

Then dinner with my family.
Here are 2 pictures of my dad. 

Fun fact, i love my dad nose and unfortunately i did not have the nose. 
Good gene never happened to your girl. 

20 November 2017, Monday

When you see MacDonald hash brown, you know i went to eat MacDonald breakfast.

I also bought skincare product.
Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution.
So far, this work on my face.
I did notice that my scar on my face did lighten.

21 November 2017, Tuesday

Bought croissant for breakfast from 7-11 shop.
Honestly, it tastes not bad.

After finishing my experiment, i draw again!

After that, Samantha brought dessert back to us because they are having meeting at other building and they have buffet.
The Matcha Brownie is a bit dry and the bread pudding taste a bit weird..
But, i still finish it.

22 November 2017, Wednesday

Every Burger! This taste so good!!!~
Basically, this is a chocolate biscuit that shape like a hamburger!

23 November 2017, Thursday

I bought pancake from Mr Bean and Croissant from 7-11 shop.

My favourite will be Eggwich pancake, Cheese pancake, Chicken Mayo Pancake and Ham and Cheese pancake.

I remembered there was this one time (can't remember the exact day),
there was this croissant that was full of dust. 
I think some one drop that croissant before and put it back.
Me being me, i didn't check before buying it.
So, i end up didn't eat that croissant. 

25 November 2017, Saturday

Went out with my family to have lunch.

Then supper.

26 November 2017, Sunday

I ask my sister to help me buy shoes.
She took a bunch of shoes pictures and give me options.

One of the shoes that i did consider buying...

But i end up buying Puma white shoes.

27 November 2017, Monday

Again, Samantha take some foods for us to eat!
Not going to lie, i miss working with them.

Carrot cake and curry puffs.


28 November 2017, Tuesday

Fast forward to dinner time, i think i ate with Sandra again.
I ordered herbal chicken rice from Lam's Kitchen again!

I also bought Iced Caramel Macchiato.
One of my favourite drink from Starbucks.

30 November 2017, Thursday

Bought Christmas Tree Dark Mocha drink from Starbucks since it was a new drink.
I guess this was when Starbucks have 1 for 1 promotion. 

It tastes not bad but i will not buy it again.

That's it for this post!